Waco, Texas, the top two leaders of the Bandidos motorcycle club were found guilty on 13 federal charges. Motorcycle Clubs need to understand this isn’t 1980’s

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Pike and Portillo who faced a laundry list of former ex-club members testifying against them were found guilty on 13 charges . Charges that included murder, extortion and Rico Offenses. It’s safe to say they are right now facing life in prison; Which […]

Cops continue war on Bikers. Tarrant County sheriffs deputy resigns after rant.” We really have to watch who we associate with “. Chicago cop pleads guilty to having sex with 14-year-old girl, admits similar conduct with 3 other minors

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Ah, isn’t it refreshing when cops truly show their colors? Just like in the good ol days when the pricks stayed in their corner and bikers in theirs. Maybe some of you RUBS […]

How fast Officer?Do you remember your first speeding ticket? The first time you broke some taboo speed limit or self-imposed barrier? Vincent Black Shadow hit 125mph in the 1940s,

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By Dave Walters How fast Officer? Do you remember your first speeding ticket? The first time you broke some taboo speed limit or self-imposed barrier? We’re you like me – “Officer, this fucking thing is stuck to the floorboard, must be the rust.” Did you want to park first, […]

Harley-Davidson’s long-term strategy to build next generation of riders is through lifestyle apparel- Made in Asia. Is Harley-Davidson sell outs? Do customers stand behind the company anymore?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Harley -Davidson can’t get the younger generation to buy bikes so what is the grand plan? Sell em ninety dollar jeans and boots. What the hell is going on with Harley-Davidson? What makes matters worse Harley-Davidson is having the apparel made overseas in Asia. What is […]