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With over 25 years experience in the Motorcycle Club scene in and around Chicago, both as a patch holder and now independent, I give a no-nonsense look at all the issues that face all bikers and especially motorcycle clubs. I no longer have preferences to which side of the fence to be on when it comes to clubs, this enables me to be honest without any misconceptions or determinations towards one group or another.

Without no "Horse in the Race," as I like to say, I'm able to write openly and honestly, regardless of what the masses think. One thing you will find about me and my articles, I do not follow the mob mentality. I like to ask the hard questions and decide for myself. This is something every man should do, find out the facts, then make the choice you see fit.

I'm also the host of "Motorcycle Madhouse" Insane Throttles newest podcast. This podcast can be found on Itunes, I heart Radio as well as other platforms such as our Youtube Channel and Facebook. Motorcycle Madhouse is dedicated to exploring the issues facing the biker scene, interviews with prominent members of the biker scene and just downright fun.

Premiering this March- I will host Insane Throttles "Biker Angle" on Youtube. This will be a one of a kind show. Biker Angle will not only focus on biker subjects, it will also give politic prospectives going on in the nation from a "Biker Prospective".

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Be on the lookout for my new book "My journey through the biker underworld due out in e-book form April 31st, 2018 and paperback May 1st, 2018".

A member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club testified Thursday at a racketeering trial in San Antonio federal court that several Bandidos beat him and gashed his head with a claw hammer in North Texas when he refused to take off his biker vest.

Bandidos MC insane Throttle Biker News

By James “Hollywood” Macecari Here you have two guys fighting for their lives and those who claim to be against the government and Leo’s are sitting there helping them out. What kind […]