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Insane Throttle is dedicated to the Biker Lifestyle. Insane Throttle dives deep into the news and issues that face our Lifestyle everyday. We here at Insane Throttle led by James “Hollywood” Macecari take on the tough issues that no other biker site will. We pride ourselves with being totally independent without any loyalty to any motorcycle club or person. This independence allows Insane Throttle to give hard hitting editorials on subjects that face all of us as a biker community.

This site is not for the faint of heart. With over 25 years in the biker community we try to bring you a no nonsense look into issues that will challenge the norm.

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For those haters that don’t like what they see or hear, you’re more than welcome to write us at insanethrottle@hdbikernews.com. You might get lucky and get a response to your little bitching. For those who want to thank us for the work we do you could also send us a email at the same above address.

For all you cops, supporters of Leos, you will find that Insane Throttle is not your safe space. You will find lots of hostility towards you and your whining will be laughed at. This is by your own doing, after all it’s not Insane Thottle’s fault that you have an identity crises or were picked on in high school and had to put a badge on to show you have a pair.

If you are another blogger with a motorcycle theme blog and would like to use one of our pieces, at least give Insane Throttle Credit for the article somewhere in your post and a back link to our blog, we are flattered that other sites use are material, but damn give some credit for making your jobs easier. For media inquiries please email james@hdbikernews.com

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  1. Hey brother. REDDAWG here Sgt at arms Baca Kingston. Thanks for the writeup about Baca. Great to have your respect. We are very serious about our cause and feedback like yours makes our mission easier. Thanks again RedDawg. .


  2. How about adding more information and a photo of yourself. I would be interested in what makes you a ‘real’ bad ass biker? What MCs have you ridden with and what colors are you currently flying? Anyone can pretend to be a bad ass biker in a blog, but if anyone is going to take you seriously you need to show you’re not full of shit. I don’t expect you to have the balls to keep this reply up.


  3. Interesting blog I look forward to reading more about life over there. Regards a UK Biker ps Like the quote from Churchill


  4. The iron order are a bunch of pussy and all they really are is BIkER in a box you can gt one set of patches for 19.99 and as always it’s buy one get one free .I’ve ran into these cunts in Florida they are just leaking cunts and sooner than later they will fuck up bad and have to do some time and then the fun will begin ,when bubba stretches that stinkhole for them FUCK THE iron orderlys you know they are happy same sex can bemamarried


  5. Nail on the head right there, true words from an enduring but now threatened lifestyle, well every Aussie deserves the rights our forfarthers fought war and died to earn us a piece of freedom that maggots in blue and pollies with maison bosses are tearing out from our heart and souls. PS 1per cent men are of great renound , they fight toe to toe ,not two on one and are our country’s great assets.!!!


  6. It’s been a lifetime ago, my father had a Great deal of club brothers over any given weekend. Many of the clubs are long gone in the winds of time. My fondest memories of my daddy are of Us on his Indian, in the middle of a pack of.brother’s.
    Working with him on my first Hadley at 7yrs old, (a burned pan head in milk crates ) .
    Years of hitting every swap meets to get her together. .40 yrs later fnding out why mom had alway teated me as if ishe hated me. Stating , it was me being closer to dad than she was. . It’s true , no one gets in between daddy and his last type girl. Even he brothers knew this s it only makes sence that mom couldn’t either .


  7. About Twisted Throttle Biker Lifestyle
    I have some amazing stories and articles that ” the bikers ” did for my family!!! Never to be forgotten… I was especially inspired when I was taught and Shown to stand up and fight for what i believe in… Holds so much depth in who i am today.. thank you so much ,Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento and many more all my love and respect…


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