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It’s a Crotch Rocket, No it’s a Rice burner, No it’s a Jap Burner. Oh hell screw it.

Hey what’s up cunt drips? First off I would really like to take a bow and thank all the new readers to the blog. You Jerky Balls are quite appreciated (I think I have a tear coming to my eye. Not). Your comments have been well received. Well maybe not all that much. Besides who cares monkey cunts about the English Language and it’s structure. Whiny ass liberal tree huggers and your proper grammar lol. Anyways it looks like I pissed off a bunch of Harley riders with my last post. Old cranky ass fart bubbles couldn’t hear about their beloved Harley taking a back seat to all them Ricers. Hey who can blame them? They were victims of big business marketing ploys. Lmao one even had the nerve to say and I Qoute Virgin Dick ” It’s about spending the money with an American Company”. Now I know why he’s a Virgin Dick. Hey dummy! The company laid off thousands of workers here in the states so they can cut costs overseas you goat chaser!!! Those slant eye Jap companies employee more Americans here in the States then our own American companies. Anyways it’s hard to argue with a sheep rapist. So my next topic of discussion is the new generation of biker.

A scene that has growing since the late 80’s. Yamaha,Honda,Kawasaki,Suzuki all started coming out with versions of a high performance machine. Commonly called Crotch Rockets by most. It’s a name that has been earned. Anytime a bike can reach over 200 mph and literally scare the shit back up in your ass is something to be respected. Don’t let the old grumpy cum chasers beat you new generation down. Shit if they had the rockets when they were first starting off they would be on the dam things too. After all your generation has some fine ass tail on the back of those rockets while poor middle age ball choker has some droopy titty botox broad on the back of his. It comes down to being jealous. Cum Choker is in his middle age nightmare trying to relive his glory 20’s and 30’s. Even then he goes home beaten his limp dick because broads were not any where near sexy then as they are now. Come on! In his day women had bush growing between her legs he had to cut through with an 12 inch knife before he could taste the prize!

As an old scooter tramp I have to say the younger generation have it going on. You built an entire lifestyle of biker around your machines. Just like us old scooter tramps did in our day. Your riding skills are something to be admired, even though sometimes it’s a bit over the top. The stuff I’ve seen your generation do is something most old scooter tramps wish they had the balls to do. With the kudo’s I have to also say some of your generation is dumb shits sometimes. Yea it’s cool seeing a rider doing some stunts. But not at 80 mph on a highway, when in a blink of an eye your pushing daisies. Use some common sense. No one on either side of the riding spectrum wants to ever see another rider meet the reaper. Especially when they have so much life to live.

Whats even more enjoyable to point out about the “Rocket Generation” as I’ve been calling it the last few years, is the fact your generation don’t care if those riding with you are black,white,hispanic,gay,straight,bisexual or whatever. I’ve met a lot of clubs centered around the rockets and have to say I’m impressed. What I gathered, it really didn’t matter what a person looked like or what kind of make or model they rode. You included them in your circle and that is impressive considering the way the lifestyle has been during my time. Oh yea did I mention your broads in the “Rocket Generation”? Hmmmm thats a whole different subject lol.

The “Crotch Rocket” generation has a lot to be proud of. You young bucks have upped the game as far as skills, as far as race relations and the way you enjoy running in the wind. After all isn’t that what a biker is suppose to be about? The wind binds both young and old in this lifestyle. Don’t pay much attention to those who don’t throw you a waive when they ride past you. Remember they are just jealous because of what they have to come home too after playing biker boy. Yea I know scary thought isn’t it. Have pitty on them.

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