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How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 2

So you got the go ahead for Wrinkle Balls M/C from you local dominant club. So what’s next? No you don’t go out there acting like a bunch of fools tearing shit up. If you decide to go that route then your dominant club is more then likely going to give all you dip shits a nice ass whooping. Why? Because what ever you dip shits do in public is always going to fall back on them. Public perception and of course your local boys in blue are going to hound the shit out of them which in turn pisses them off. No the first thing you dumb fucks are going to do is get your bylaws and officers elected. Get some foundation to your club. Without structure nothing will last. Most new clubs will fail in the first five years. Oh yea when setting up your structure make sure everyone agrees a dictatorship will never work. Everything should carry a club vote. One of the biggest reasons for failure is because some jack ass thinks he’s better then everyone else and wants to play billy bad ass.

Your second step should involve how outsiders become members. Most sanctioned clubs will make a hang around period ,prospect period for a certain length of time before becoming a member. Cuts are earned, not paid for. You will find out real quick if your club doesn’t have a membership process how much hell you will catch from the other clubs. Sanctioned clubs don’t hang or party with a club that don’t have it together. Oh yea never let COPS into your club. Cops are club killers. They want to chase and bust scooter tramps Monday thru Friday and when Saturday rolls around they want to be like us. “FUCK THAT”.

Third step and this one is really important Monkey Shits. GO OUT ON RUNS AND BE SEEN. Support your Confederation of Clubs, Support those events of clubs that are sanctioned by the dominant club. Get out there and party. Get out there and ride with your fellow clubs. The more the other clubs see you at events the more they will come to respect your colors and come to your club events. Word of advice though and this might be hard for some of you cum guzzlers to understand. NEVER play with the opposite team of your dominant club. Some clubs get to big and think they can do whatever they want with whomever they want. Shit don’t work that way in the least. That’s a whole different monster right there I will talk about in part 3 of this series.

Now for Ol Ladies. Yes the little bitches who cause all the problems throughout the M/C world. Ol Ladies have big ass mouths and cause a ton of shit between clubs. Wars have started over Cunts and many brothers lost their lives cause of them. I personally suggest the use of “Property Of” Patches. Why? Because it helps get rid of a lot of confusion between clubs. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen shit break out because one club member didn’t know a bitch belonged to someone else in another club. If your club is a 3 piece patch then this is always the best route. If your cunt don’t like the patch then leave her ass at home when you go out. It’s safer for you and your club.

Clubhouses- I would forgo the club house until your membership grows. It’s hard enough to get something going already. Then you turn around and take on bills the club probably can’t afford anyway. This leads to a lot of internal fighting. One guy don’t pay and the next ones have to step up to cover the expenses. Too much drama at the start until your up and going so why have it. If the core of the club is strong then a club house will come eventually.

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