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So does Blue Lives Matter ?

Well it’s been a busy summer of riding. Finally able to get back to writing.Yea I know all you fuck sticks missed me. Especially you wannabee cop clubs who like parading around acting like “Jax” from the Sons of Anarchy. I wonder now if we will have all the little dip shits running around in Knights costumes since the “Bastard Executioner” will be coming out soon. I don’t put anything past all the idiots who parade around like big bad bikers.

So lots happened since my last post and I promise Ill be writing a blog once a week again now that riding season is slowing down up north. First we have the #WACO bullshit. Here we had a Confederation of Clubs meeting that was going good until the fuck nuts sitting outside felt it was their job to make everyone look bad and start shooting the place up. It now has been put out there all the bikers killed were in fact from COPS bullets. So does this mean we will have some charges against this fag cops? Of course not. The fags will get away with it because anything that happens in Waco goes away. Government corruption at its best.

You see all the cops now a days running around crying because they are getting shot up everywhere.  “Blue Lives Matter” they are crying . Well fuck they should’ve thought about that when they are being complete dicks to everyone. They should’ve thought about that when they get their rocks off fucking everyone. This is no more apparent then what happen in Waco Texas. Over a 100 something bikers (Some who were in regular veterans clubs) were booked and arrested with million dollar bonds. Why? Because they were just there.

I believe every life matters. But you dam cops need to realize that people are sick and tired of your antics. Most who become cops just want a power trip because they lacked the ability to get pussy in high school. I can understand your upset about that. But you cheese dicks need to realize the rest of the population really don’t care if you got pussy or not. Simple way to do your jobs is to stop the over reaching and stop pissing people off when you are doing your job.

You idiots also have another huge problem who want to put on a 3 piece patch and play weekend outlaw. Your looked upon not only as fakes but people who deserve an ass kicking. One day your a cop and the next you want to be us. So you want to ride with a club? Wear a 1 piece patch, very simple shit. But no, your lack of pussy makes you want to be like us 1%ers. Your cops for one so that disqualifies you there from enjoying our lifestyle. That leads you cock munchers to put your cop scum into a 3 piece patch and claim territory with your bottom rocker. Yea we hear it all the time. “We dont claim any territory or we just ride for charity.”. That’s how dumb you cum juices really are. That bottom rocker claims territory in our world. You fuck stains don’t run anything so why act like us?

You have cops in clubs like the Punishers or Iron Order acting a fool. Iron Order has to be the biggest joke among all the pussy farts of the wannabee Police Clubs. See you notice I will not say M/C after their name. Thats because they are not. They are a bunch of wannabee idiots who couldnt pass the prospect period of any legit M/C.  In this PC world we live in the public supports these kinds of people. Why? They hear they are cops and everything is just great about them. Do or will I ever support these kinds of people? HELL fucking no. I see a bunch of fakes on a 20,000 bike who cleans it more then rides it.

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