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Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-Not Gangs Jackasses

It is said that Americans love their Outlaws. Yea you got that right. Why wouldn’t we? Wasn’t this country started on an Outlaw premise? The feds and other leo organizations would have you believe that 3 piece wearing patch members from motorcycle clubs do nothing but run around raping and murdering as well as drug dealing. They would have the general public believe that the charity work that the mcs do is nothing but a front for illegal activity. Yea I know leos are a bunch of cum chugging fucktards with too much time on their hands. They don’t tell you that it might be one or two people acting on their own doing the illegal stuff they claim. They won’t tell you that most motorcycle clubs do not condone anything illegal that can put the club in a bad spot.These leos would have you believe that Outlaw Mcs are just like the Sons of Anarchy show. Boy they couldnt be farther from the truth.

Ive rode with 3 piece patch clubs for over 20 years. Some small ones and even a big one. Let me tell you it’s nothing like what a bunch of leos want too push. The brotherhood is very strong in most clubs, we ride hard and party even harder. Then there is the raffles and tickets to parties to get rid of as well as boring ass meetings that can go on for hours. It’s not all the glamour you see on Sons of Anarchy. Most of the time we are hanging out together at each others houses or talking scooters. We spend alot of time with family and working. We are your normal working class men who like living and breathing brotherhood and motorcycles.

What about that fight or what about that shooting Ive seen on the news if most bikers in a 3 piece club follow the law? I did say we are working class men, on the other hand we are men of principle. We are not going to sit there and take shit from a civilian or anyone else for that matter so occasionally things happen. When shit does happen it don’t automatically make the club criminal. Thats like saying your in a bar and some drunk hit’s on the ol lady and you drive your fist into their face because he’s a dumb fuck a person should be tried under RICO statues. Yea old RICO, something the Feds love using against clubs to put them in the organized crime category.

Let’s talk about the Feds RICO statue. This is something they put together to fuck with Americans plain and simple. Basically if one person is doing something criminal they can use this statue to make everyone criminals and send them away for life. Shit I wish they would use it on some politicians. Maybe this country would start being better off. Hilary Clinton does come too mind, but of course we all know she will be getting off cause the FBI wont have the balls to charge one of their own. Nope they use it on everyday people just trying to work hard and have fun with their brothers.

RICO has been used against most of the big clubs as well as smaller ones. Many good brothers have been sent away on this screwed up law just for wearing a patch. Many clubs have to deal with leos sitting outside the clubhouse writing down license plate numbers. Even worse some have to deal with the leos following them on runs all in the effort to trip them up on some bogus bullshit.

“The Waco incident. Sgt. Swanton of the Waco Police Department effectively controlled the story of what happened on May 17, 2015, and it appears that story has already begun to unravel. Regardless of what ultimately is shown to be the truth about the events in Waco, if history tells us anything it’s that that story will not likely be broadcast as widely as the law enforcement narrative was … if at all.An old criticism about the media goes, “if it bleeds it leads.” .

This is the first time I’ve seen an article about motorcycle clubs that was actually dead on. Even more it was wrote by someone in the mainstream media. Dulaney was right. The media will never cover the real truth about the Waco incident. That train left the station when the story started turning out that the cops were all bullshitting. Funny how the media does that. When a Leo shoots a black they are all on that shit. But if it’s working class white guys the stories go off the air.

I remember reading a comment here from a reader. He said I had a big problem and attitude against Leos. Well the above answers why I have a big problems with Leos. They are out there with the God complex. They walk around treating the people who pay their salaries like dog shit. They wonder why when they try starting one of the fag Leo clubs they are outcasts. Monday through Friday give the clubs hell and on the weekends try to be them.

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