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Huge case decided -Hells Angels Rockford Aquitted: There is justice for once

We here at Insane Throttle Biker News have been watching this case very closely. The members of the Rockford chapter and some from the Chicago Chapter were indicted for allegely beating and kidnapping of a “Rat” ex president Josh Johnson and his daughter (Who was never hurt or touched)

Today we are happy to announce those members who were charged, were found not guilty.

These charges should’ve never been brought in the first place. Johnson was the aggressor and the cops and D.A knew it the whole time. How did they know? Josh Johnson was an informant for them. Before coming to the Rockford Charter, Josh Johnson was with a Chapter in South Carolina that just happened to be raided and members charged with bs crimes. Oh did we mention, all but Josh Johnson.

Well when confronted by those he called brothers ( Ones he knownily was working against with law enforcement) he tried to attack them. Those members he attacked had no choice but to defend themselves.

For once, the hard working members of a motorcycle club were giving a fair hand in the justice system. What’s even better, the justice came at a bench trial. These members of the Hell’s Angels should be reimbursed for the time that they spent in jail, lost wages and the pure nonsense of having to go through this ordeal because of the actions of a state sponsored protected “Rat”.

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Three members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club are found not guilty of battery and robbery charges.

Christopher Lawson, John Savalick and Richard Todd were in court Monday morning for their bench trial for the beating and stabbing of then-president Josh Johnson.

“The defendants and attorneys are very grateful to Judge McGraw for being such a thoughtful jurist that he paid close attention to all the evidence, that he considered all of the evidence,” says Attorney for John Savalik and Richard Todd John Palmer.

All three men were found not guilty of four counts of aggravated battery and four counts of armed robbery.

“Josh Johnson clearly was the aggressor in this situation,” says Attorney for Christopher Lawson David J. Brown.

“Legally, if someone is attacking you, you have rights to defend yourself. And that’s exactly what happened in 2013 with these guys. They defended themselves against a much, much larger, violent person says Palmer.

Source: Channel 23 News
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