Insane Throttle would like to issue a statement and correction on one of our articles.

We are doing a series on Ray “Izod”Lubeski. One of the articles Insane Throttle printed was Iron Order no longer had police within it’s club. Insane was mistaking in that statement. After being contacted by Iron Order and told that was not correct, we will take the opportunity to clear that up here. Although there is not many left after the Exodus to iron legacy, some law enforcement does exist in iron order, though that number is now very small, we correct our statement.

Insane is currently in the middle of our series on Izod IP of Iron Legacy. Now we’ve heard all day from their side that we are acting on behalf of Iron Order. Let us be very clear, Insane Throttle can care less about your war of the roses. We can care less if you guys scratch each other’s eyes out if you want. Whatever you two clubs want to fight about, that’s all on you. Insane Throttle is independent and won’t get involved in your bullshit. We report what we have verified as fact.

For all you ass donkeys at Iron Legacy. Those black marks are covering people’s names and contact addresses. Now not one of you have disputed the validity of the emails or texts from izod. Instead you try to spin it with bullshit that iron order is behind it. It’s right there in black and white, Insane Throttle even provided the material in it’s whole by clicking a link and downloading them to see for yourselves. Address the issue in front of you without your crybaby bullshit. You all claim to be patch holders. Grow some balls, deal with your shit, and man up. You back a punk,plain and simple.

Insane Was actually trying to be decent to members of the Iron Legacy. We asked for his resignation for your club because he is nothing more then a keyboard warrior who can cause shit for your club. What you have seen so far isn’t nothing. It gets worse as we go. Now you ass monkeys want to back him and put whatever reputation on the line ( Can’t be much, cause you didn’t pop up on our radar until we started looking into all this material that was being leaked to us) that’s entirely up to your club. If you back him, don’t say much about the character of your organization.

Now, concerning our releases.

1. It is not our fault that your damn idiot boss Ray”Izod” Lubeski put his club business, rants and orders on the internet . Who does that dumb shit?

2. Insane Will continue it’s series of releases every Monday. You want to respond Ray “Izod” Lubeski let us know.

3. Insane Throttle will continue to try and get responses from the suppose “Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs” on the information being released by Insane Throttle concerning the actions of a leader of a club in their association.

4. With information attained today (through the actions and statements of your own members comments assmonkey) We will be pursuing the corruption angle within your ranks of police officers. This will be evident in the question we will be pursuing the most. ” How was it, a sealed juvenile record was unsealed by members of your club?” This just one of the many questions we are working with on the ground in Pennsylvania with a local reporter.

5. Insane Throttle will hold those Leo’s accountable who wish to use their power against us one minute, and be like us the next. A whole new section will be opening up here on insane throttle. ” Cops Gone Bad” not only that, we will be posting pics of those who are cops wearing a 3 pc patch. Ya know, so real clubs won’t be infiltrated by the ass-jackets.