Stinger, designer and manufacturer of high performance audio accessories, revealed today the launch of SVTRKSG1and SVTRKRG1, RoadKill Fairing Sound Damping Kits, its latest addition to its line of premium Harley-Davidson audio accessories. Designed to simplify the installation, the SVTRK kits come pre-cut for the perfect fit with 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Ultra

Classic Street Glide (SVTRKSG1) and 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide (SVTRKRG1) motorcycles’ fairings.

Improving the sound quality of your Harley-Davidson goes beyond adding speaker and amplifier components. The Stinger Harley-Davidson line is built to complement any sound system upgrade, improving sound quality and component efficiency. The newly released Fairing Sound Damping Kits improve bass response and increase amplifier output while absorbing annoying squeaks, rattles and vibration. Outside influences, especially on motorcycles, can diminish the quality of any system, removing those external noise pollutants with Stinger’s highly advanced vibration damping technology, enhances your audio experience.


Additionally, Stinger’s Harley-Davidson line includes:

  • SPX925-HD: Perfect fit Harley-Davidson replacement battery, featuring AGM technology, copper alloy terminal posts, and high energy thin plate design
  • SPX350.2 – Weather-resistant micro amplifier
  • PAC HDK001X- Complete radio replacement kit
  • Best Kits BKHSB200 Speaker adapters

SVTRKSG1and SVTRKRG1 are available through Stinger Authorized Dealers at an MSRP of $259.99


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