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More Allegations of Corruption by D.A in Bandidos Twin Peaks Biker Trial. This time coming from former Waco Cop. Time for a Wake Up call to all Bikers

Everyone must really be wondering what the hell is happening with the criminal justice system in the Lone Star State. Insane Throttle has been watching the events of Twin Peaks ever since the first arrests and from the beginning, it’s been a huge cluster of horse manure. The whole situation in Waco is a reminder to all of us Americans what it will be like to live in a “Police State” if we do not get our shit together and start holding these people accountable.

What we have been seeing so far was a deliberate attempt by the Police to stage a situation that should’ve never happened in the first place, then to cover up the killings of club members by the police, they arrested over 150 people in order to cause chaos. It’s a move anyone with a half of brain can see a mile away, basically what they did was pull a Tasmanian devil on the general public. They started to spin around, kick up all kinds of dust, and when the dust fell, the facts of the case would be thrown all over the place where people wouldn’t know what the hell to believe.

Now enter this corrupt District Attorney, D.A Reyes whom after an investigation by numerous agencies has been proving to be a fraud, is still allowed to go forward to prosecute all these bullshit cases. Where the hell is the judge in all these cases at? With all these proven investigations and affidavits from people attesting to the fact this District Attorney is no good, one normal citizen would think, at the very least, the damn judge would take action to remove Reyes from any further involvement with any of the Twin Peaks cases.


What is happening in America today should be a wake-up call to everyone who believes in the freedom and stances this country has always stood for. This country is now on the cusp of an entire generation believing that socialism would be a better system for this country to be modeled after. This case happening right now in Waco Texas is a snapshot of what is to come if we do not start pushing back on those kinds of ideas.

This situation in Texas is the prelude to what the National Confederation of Clubs has been fighting against for decades on behalf of all motorcycle clubs. What is even more disturbing is we have clubs out there claiming to be “Law Abiding” aligning with the very people who wish to take our rights away. These so-called “Law Abiding” clubs have fallen right into the trap that was set by people that are trying to curtail our rights as not only bikers but Americans altogether.

Law Abiding Biker Clubs are not only fools but totally ignorant of the stakes that are happening right now. In Australia, clubs are no longer allowed to wear anything the government deems to be a criminal organization, the right to assemble has been totally taken away from those people. A case going on right now here in the United States with the Mongols M/C, the government is trying to take that clubs patch because they deem it a criminal organization because of the actions of a few. If the Mongols lose that case, it will affect every single biker out there, not just 1%ers. Members in clubs ranging from 1%ers to Hog Chapter members could be targeted by the patches that they wear.

Being a biker is not a part-time hobby for most of us, it’s a lifestyle that many generations have fought for, one that was discriminated against and profiled by every law enforcement agency out there. The lifestyle must bikers enjoy today is because those that came before us had to deal with the constant harassment from law enforcement, this life wasn’t always the roses that it is today, men wear pulled over, ran out of town, just for being on a bike. So, this is why most bikers who are older, independent and club guys, look at these supposed “Law Abiding” clubs with discontent. To use that phrase “Law Abiding” implies that the rest of us are not, even those that are in 1%er clubs do not make a living going around shooting or selling drugs, they are hardworking people just like the rest of society. My advice for all those “Law Abiding Clubs”, get off the damn t.v, put that Sons Of Anarchy crap away and get some damn brains because only a tiny fraction of members in a 1%er club do any of that bullshit.

The situation in Waco, the situation happening with the Mongols M/C should wake all of us up who ride a bike. The situation will affect us all, both club and Independent. It’s time to get our heads out of our asses and wake up before it’s to late.


Source: NBC 6 News

A former Waco Police officer has become the latest in a string of individuals to accuse McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna of wrongdoing in connection with the Twin Peaks trials.

Sherry Kingrey, who retired from the Waco Police Department in 2017 after 32 years of service, became the third person to submit a sworn affidavit that indicated Mr. Reyna was under FBI investigation. The previous two individuals to do so were Mr. Reyna’s former First Assistant Greg Davis and Attorney Brittany Scaramucci.

Ms. Kingrey said she provided information to FBI Task Force Agent Fred Rhea, who put her in touch with FBI Agent Dan Brust.

“Agent Brust informed me that, although he could not share the details with me, he was conducting a public corruption investigation in relation to Reyna,” Ms. Kingrey said in the affidavit.

The affidavit claims some of Mr. Reyna’s close friends and campaign donors were involved in an illegal gambling operation in Waco. Ms. Kingrey claimed those friends made under the table contributions in return for political favors.

“I also received information and my investigation appeared to confirm that Reyna would make prosecutorial decisions based upon political opportunism and would arrange to have a particular special prosecutor appointed in order to have cases dismissed for supporters,” Ms. Kingrey said in the affidavit.

Those comments echoed statements made previously by Ms. Scaramucci.

Ms. Kingrey also said Mr. Reyna made phone calls to individuals connected to the alleged illegal gambling operation around the same time as the Twin Peaks shooting.

“I have been provided and I have reviewed Reyna’s phone records from May 17, 2017,” Ms. Kingrey said in the affidavit. “Based upon my review, Reyna made three phone calls within approximately ninety minutes of the Twin Peaks’ shootings. Of those three phone calls, my review reveals that two of those calls were to persons connected to the illegal gambling operation and the providing to Reyna of under the table campaign contributions.”

In a 2016 court hearing, Mr. Reyna testified that he and Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez had extensive discussions before the signing of the arrest warrant affidavits for 177 motorcyclists. But, Detective Chavez testified he never saw Mr. Reyna that night.

Ms. Kingrey’s affidavit may shed light on that discrepancy. She said she was stationed at the Waco Convention Center in a room next to where Mr. Reyna and assistant prosecutors Michael Jarrett and Mark Parker were stationed that day.

“At no time did I see Manuel Chavez enter that room,” Ms. Kingrey said in the affidavit.

Mr. Reyna strongly denied all the allegations made by Ms. Kingrey in an email to Channel 6 Tuesday afternoon. Below is a statement from Mr. Reyna.


The affidavit of Ms. Kingrey secured by a biker defense lawyer and the 4 year-old allegations it contains are equally not true and even more laughable than those previously asserted.  The only calls I remember from the night of Twin Peaks were to the Waco Police Chief, individuals from my office, my wife, and a current restaurant owner to arrange for food to be brought to our hard working law enforcement men and women.  Had Ms. Kingrey been at the scene, she could have enjoyed a tasty chicken sandwich and fries.  As for my conversation with Detective Chavez, her affidavit would mean that not only myself but at least two other assistant DA’s who witnessed our conversation are also not telling the truth. Further, had she believed this was important, why did she not address it in any reports while an active officer?

Following the publication of this article, Ms. Kingrey responded to Mr. Reyna’s assertion that she was not at the Waco Convention Center the day of the Twin Peaks shooting. Her attorney, Matthew Wright, called Channel 6 and reaffirmed that she was there.

“That night, she didn’t have the chicken sandwich,” Wright said his client told him. “She enjoyed the cabbage roll.”

Attorney Brian Bouffard, who represents biker Jorge Salinas, said he expected the judge to grant a hearing on the matters surrounding Mr. Reyna.

“I feel very confident we’ll be able to get a hearing,” Mr. Bouffard said in a phone call Tuesday. “And, we’re trying to get that hearing as soon as possible.”

Mr. Bouffard said the hearing, if granted, could happen as early as January. But, he expected to have one before March at the latest.

Mr. Bouffard’s client, Mr. Salinas, had no prior criminal history. He was honorably discharged from the Marines after two combat deployments to Afghanistan.

This latest development comes a day after another biker’s attorney released an audio recording, in which an Assistant Texas Attorney General can be heard suggesting Mr. Reyna’s office was untrustworthy.

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