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A new beginning: The Sutars Soldiers Motorcycle Club on the rise. A true story of real brotherhood against all odds.

Insane Throttle Biker news has been following a little-known club on the East Coast, one with a hell of a story behind its beginnings. It’s known as the Sutars Soldiers M/C and was founded by the ex-National President of the Pagans DENNIS ROOSTER KATONA. The story starts out on July 1st, 2011 when officials raided Roosters house on a bunch of bullshit charges.

Here is one of the original newspaper articles on the incident.

After being arrested and going through all the court shit, it was soon revealed that members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club wore wires to set up Rooster and many of his associates that make up the Sutars Soldiers M/C. Think about it, those who you called brother working against you with cops so they can get out of whatever bullshit they put themselves into. This is the type of world we are now living in, be the gangster until the cops come down on your ass, then cut a deal on your brothers to get out of it.

I must admit as I followed the case of Rooster, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing most of the time. The Pagans M/C were one of the premier top of the line hardcore 1%er clubs . But to see what was happening to the National Boss and Associates blew that narrative right out of the water for me. I couldn’t fathom a Pagan turning on another Pagan, after all, the Pagans were the elite unit who’s secrecy has been a legend in the motorcycling community.

Rooster was found guilty of intent to distribute a controlled substance at a bench trial in Pennsylvania state court in 2014 and was sentenced to 3-to-7 year prison sentence resulting from the rat setting him up and working with the government. We are proud to report that Rooster won his appeal and was set free because of the abuse of warrant powers . Sound familiar? Why the case the FBI did against Trump should resonate with every American Citizen. The American citizen does not realize just how uncontrolled this government really is, in the two following videos you can see the appeals court smacking down the government in the way they went about setting up Rooster.

The Sutars Soldiers about us section on their website states

Sutars Soldiers MC is a 1%er motorcycle club comprised of former members of the Pagan’s MC. Founded by former National President Dennis “Rooster” Katona, former Chapter Presidents, and former Loyal members dedicated to old school principals of Brotherhood, Loyalty, Trust, and Honor. We have NO association with the Pagan’s MC or their support clubs and We wish them well in their endeavors.”

For those who would claim that they are a pop-up club, a club that did not follow proper protocol are all full of shit. Plain and simple. I bring that up because I’ve seen numerous websites that call themselves “Biker News” sites report that kind of crap. These are a group of brothers that were more than disenfranchised with their former club and started their own thing for a damn good reason. I’d be out there to start my own thing if people I called brothers turned states evidence against me.

Pop up clubs is a subject that always burns the shit out of me. Especially in the case of the Sutars Soldiers or even in the cases of Cossacks 1%ers. The members of these clubs sometimes put almost 20 years into their former clubs, blood sweat and tears into them. But for some reason or another these men left because of something that transpired and left a bad taste in their mouth so they decide to leave and start something that was more in line with what they thought brotherhood should be.

Here’s what makes up the critics of these new clubs. Internet keyboard warriors who never rode in a damn club, supporters of one club or another, or assholes who just have no idea what the hell they are talking about. With the internet, things have changed with clubs, good and bad. What shouldn’t be happening is these internet ass-monkeys causing problems between clubs. Know it or not, they are the ones causing and driving all the rivalries between clubs. If you’re one of those people that I just described, get a fucking life, get a bike and be a man, go prospect for a club then run your mouth like you know something. Until then, shut the fuck up because your getting men killed.

The Sutars Soldiers have welcomed to their club PENNSYLVANIA, OHIO, WVa, MD, NY, VIRGINIA. They also have a chapter in Germany. To show these guys some love, go to their website where you can purchase some support gear. After all these guys have gone through, I know the support will be greatly appreciated. We hope to see them grow and prosper in the years to come. Hopefully, we can get one of them on the Motorcycle Madhouse to share with us all the crap they had to go through to get to where they are today.


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