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Robert “Ghost”Hawkins asks the readership : Who Gets to determine who is a “Pop-up Club and who isn’t” Interesting question- Who Can answer?

Well fellow bikers, I was reading today’s news and saw the article Hollywood did on the continuation of the situation in Waco. I put that together with a comment I received on Facebook about some of the so-called “pop up” clubs and the different views about them.

I posted a couple of questions on FB that was really centered around this whole “good club bad club” mentality that seems to be the underlying issue for some bikers. Let me first say both Hollywood and I have been bikers for a long fucking time, over 750,000 miles and more than 41 years for myself Hollywood is a little younger but no less experienced. We have done the club thing for probably 35 plus years combined. We are not new to the game. We have been on both sides of the law on many occasions so that gangster shit doesn’t impress either one of us.

The questions I posted and would love real answers to are, who determines who is a pop-up club and how long are they around before they are no longer referred to as one?

I really wonder about it since I saw a guy call the Cossacks a Pop-Up club in an article last year. That same idiot said they learned all about how to be an MC from the Iron Order. That was funny since the Cossacks were around for 35 years before the Iron Order. Christ, I was like nine years old when the Cossacks were formed.

What makes a guy, especially some internet warrior, think they have suddenly become the end-all authority on what club is a good club and what club is a bad club?

I mean is the Iron Horsemen a good club and the Hessians a bad one? Where do we get the idea that because someone with a particular job is not allowed in a club, that club is now an X club?

If there are Feds have CIs in every club as it always appears after a big bust like with the Mongols in Tn. Are all clubs, not cop clubs now? I know back in the day we always loved seeing the Blue Knights showing up because we could at least see who was a cop for sure instead of trying to guess at it.
I ask these questions because in my lifetime of doing this I have seen a lot, and honestly the internet and these guys make me laugh my ass off.

I find it funny when an internet Cheetos addict tries to make statements about these things given the fact that I don’t remember guys like that riding with me on the way to Cali. in the seventies. I remember the tee shirts that said 10 grand and 10k don’t make you a biker back in the nineties when the RUB invasion helped cover what was going on and as I have written, I always welcomed the added numbers in our ranks because these new guy’s brought a new market as well. Where I get lost. When did they start to be the ones that decided the good guys from the bad?

I saw a YouTube video done by a bow tie wearing Attorney where he is presenting himself as an expert biker making fun of some other apparently less qualified biker. I think he was trying to make out that he was an expert, but I was laughing thinking about how stupid he looked. I lost his message so the only thing I was pretty sure of was that he was still riding a Big Wheel when guys my age had 100k miles on. I guess if that guy can pretend to be a biker, it explains Andy Griffith pretending to be an Attorney.

I see articles about the Sutars Soldiers or the Cossacks being “Pop Up” clubs and I wonder who decided that guys that have put in twenty years or more of club life are now “Pop Up” guys. Who even came up with that shit? The Sutars Soldiers were started by an Ex National Pagan Boss who left his club because he was set up by so-called brothers and did prison time before being overturned on appeal.

I see the humor in guys trying to brand a club like the Iron Order or Kinfolk as “Cop Clubs” because they don’t discriminate against men because of their jobs. Not military clubs, not truck driver clubs, not crane operator clubs. I wonder why?


I especially find it funny how many experts there is on 1% life that doesn’t appear to have ever been a 1% guy but just a RUB blogger baby. I have been arrested a number of times, didn’t ever get convicted of anything that put me away for a long time, quit doing that kind of shit 15 years ago. I ride with a bunch of guys that have military backgrounds, a couple truck drivers, some mechanics, and on occasion I probably talk to a cop about a motorcycle. I know a doctor, lawyer, and a fireman.

I have friends in 1% clubs. I have been to their houses on different occasions and have done business with men from nearly every big 1% club in the country. So am I a good guy or a bad one? Does the club or patch I wear or don’t wear at this time make me the man I am or do I make the patch?

Who decides if an 81 can talk to an AOA? Who decides if the vet in the Vietnam Vets MC is more deserving of respect than the Vietnam Vet in the Kinfolk. Who decides the cop in the Iron Order MC is a problem but the DA in the Calaveras MC is not? Who really cares about the opinions of these guys writing the stupid shit from their basements?

We all have a common enemy, the Feds will destroy every club from the Big Red Machine to the HOG club if we all keep giving them the reasons to do so. What is needed now is a way for the leaders of every big club to get on the same page. Not go have Christmas dinner together just quit listening to outside idiots telling the rank and file brothers in all clubs what to think and how to act. If one club has an issue with another and you end up in the same gas station at the same time just pump your gas and go on. Quit letting the Feds pump both of you in the ass by using the media to convince you there is only one way to act towards each other. We have to get along or the Feds win. So remember to just move on and win in the end by taking care of your club and staying off the front page.

I would love to see ideas put out by you the readers. The club readers especially, as to how to move us towards that goal rather than articles by Frito’s lickers telling clubbers how to act towards each other while they do nothing but further the agenda of the Feds that are probably supporting their cause and calling them as witnesses to court.

For the record, I really believe the Feds drive most of these idiots that cause the problems on the internet with their attempts to incite violence between clubs. It furthers their departmental desire for added funding. I mean did you all see how happy the fucking cops were at this last news conference in Florida over how hard they were going to have to work to save the state from the inevitable biker war? They were prepping all the taxpayers for the increase in their budgets.

I don’t have the answer to repair the stupidity demonstrated by the idiots that killed the AOA chapter President, but I do know if that situation turns into more front page news it will suck for everyone on both sides and the moron bloggers that promote the idea that there is only one solution must have a reason. The most likely is monetary in my opinion.

Ask yourself who would promote that solution? Who gains?
I am done for the day. The roads are covered in Ice but by tomorrow we can ride. I hope. Until then I will eat some Lays potato chips.

Robert “Ghost” Hawkins

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