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Pack of 5 clocked doing 140 mph on rockets- Well at least we know that the United States isn’t the only place for morons. 140 mph-What say you?

Guess I’m starting to hit middle age lmao. I know when I was younger I did some stupid stuff on a bike, but never in a pack going 140mph weaving in and out of traffic as a group. The younger crowd likes to push it to the limit, but “God Damn”, that’s just pure stupidity. I’ve personally went 140mph on a Busa, but that was on a drag-strip. Actually it’s quiet funny, those were the early days when I got my first nickname “Topfuel”. I was always out at the strip, either with a bike or muscle car running the lanes. I remember someone asking me why I got rid of that nickname. After I left the club scene I only thought it right to leave that behind as well. Not because I didn’t like it, just because it was a name I used in clubs I was in and when I left, it was only right to leave that identity behind as well.  Actually got “Hollywood” from “Doublebarrel”, my partner on Motorcycle Madhouse because I was picked up by all the different sites around the world and my book coming out.

Anyways, I can see the need for speed, just not in this kind of setting. Old timers have to give it to the younger generation. These kids can pull off some wicked tricks on those machines. Takes alot of skill to pull off some of the stuff they do. It also only takes a small rock or pebble to put your ass on the pavement at that speed. Why I wouldn’t do it on a road environment they were doing it on. You ever notice these kids look like Power Rangers when they ride these rockets? Just saying, they buy everything from the helmet, to the pants and jackets when they ride these things. Is it me or I’m I just missing something ?


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This is the moment a gang of five motorcyclists was caught speeding at 140mph on a busy road – and, incredibly, they will be able to keep their licenses for at least another six months. The footage shows the bikers – aged between 21 and 51 – being pursued by a traffic police motorcyclist on the A47 dual carriageway at Trowse, Norfolk. The police officer eventually catches up and rides among them, before ordering them to pull over. The reckless gang will be free to ride and drive until the middle of June when a hearing to ban them will finally be held – which the magistrate admitted was ‘rather a long time to wait’. Norfolk police and crime commissioner Lorne Green today said that they must have a ‘death wish’ while they also put other people’s lives in extreme danger.

Mr Green told the Eastern Daily Press: ‘To exceed the speed limit going at 140mph, I can only conclude you have a death wish. They endanger the lives of others and put their own lives at great risk. No thrill they take from going at such speeds is worth that extraordinary risk.’

Chief Inspector Kris Barnard, head of the joint Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘All too often, officers have to deal with the results of drivers speeding, which can be devastating, with families and friends being left behind to pick up their lives after the event. Road safety campaigner Bridget Wall branded the bikers ‘disgusting’ for hitting 140mph on a public road. Mrs Wall, of Downham Market, Norfolk, has fought tirelessly to improve safety since the tragic death of her only son Adam, 24, in a crash on the A47 at Wisbech in November 2002. If they want to speed, they should go to a race track, not on a public highway where there are innocent people,’ she insisted. You can’t bring them back – their life is taken and their family’s life is ruined.’

Offenders Sian Cooper, riding a Honda, Gavin Green, on a BMW S1000RR, Jackson Harmer, riding an Aprilia RSV4, Kaz Pinfold, on a Honda CBR 1000, and Martin Pinfold, riding a BMW S1000RR, were all hauled into court yesterday.

Kaz Pinfold, 48, and Martin Pinfold, 51, both of Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, submitted written guilty pleas at Norwich magistrates’ court.

Harmer, 34, and Cooper, 21, both of Ormesby St Michael, near Great Yarmouth, did not enter a plea and had the case proved in their absence.

Green, 31, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, who also holds an HGV license, entered a guilty plea and wrote to the court to offer his ‘sincere apologies’.

‘I realize I am facing a considerable ban. My job as a mobile welding inspector relies on me having a license. I do not generally drive in this manner and at that speed, he said. I genuinely regret my actions and humbly accept my sentence.’ However, all five will have to wait until the next available hearing date on June 18 to hear if they’ll be banned from driving after their reckless antics. Magistrate Jim Agnew, sitting alone, admitted it was ‘rather a long time to wait, but can’t be helped’.

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