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Dibber In The Wind- A motorcycle club perspective from across the pond. What are motorcycle clubs like outside the USA?

One of my favorites of Dibbler in the winds videos


By James “Hollywood” Macecari


Insane Throttle had some readers over in England ask for some articles about motorcycle clubs that are based overseas, not just the United States. So with that request I started pouring over the internet looking for information having to deal with the subject. Being an American, Born and Raised in Chicago ( How much ya want to bet, first thing anyone overseas equates Chicago with will be Al Capone? LOL) I couldn’t possibly speak towards clubs overseas. Yea, I could paste newspaper articles dealing with the subject, but I would be doing the media a favor by propagating their bullshit about motorcycle clubs. After doing some research and asking around, I was pointed to Dibber in the wind’s Youtube channel. Dibber has over 12k subscribers worldwide on Youtube so I decided to take a look.

First off, Dibber is some funny shit, he brings some comedy to the subject of motorcycle clubs. You won’t find the videos boring, he keeps the viewer, especially those who are Americans engaged with the videos. Another major thing he does, like in the video that I put up above, Dibber explains that things done in other countries are way different than what motorcycle clubs in America do. I think that point was one of the biggest things our readership would learn, “American clubs are not under the restrictions that other clubs around the world are under”. I will go into what some of those restrictions are later on in the article. But first, I want to put something out there for all you to think about, this was an exchange between Dibber and a person in his comment section.

I bet they wouldn’t let Muslims join,the same as most US MCs don’t let blacks join, which brings me to my next question, are there any gay MCs and how do the other MCs feel about them ?….cheers Dibber
FTW pilots motorcycle club insane throttle biker news
FTW pilots motorcycle club Southside
You couldn’t be further from the truth, the clubs over there are secular which means a persons religion is irrelevant, it’s the patch and Brotherhood that comes before everything else. Holy Land Bikers MC is made up of Coptic Christians and Muslims, light skin and dark too, FTW Pilots MC run the same policy of being secular, also what a persons religion is or what shade of brown they are is irrelevant. Those very same US MC’s you speak of are run different over here in the UK too, there are black guys within the US originated MC’s in the UK, MC charters are autonomous entities and each have their own set of By-Laws regarding a persons colour or religion.

I think in the exchange, Dibber made a hell of a point, something that many would probably glance over if it wasn’t brought to their attention.

“What a persons religion is or what shade of brown they are is irrelevant”

Not to get political, I will save that for the “Biker Angle”, but for those sticking to the time honored tradition of having a club based on a particular color, you are truly loosing out on some damn good members. Members, who one day could be there to pick you up when you’re in trouble, or save your ass from a pool cue hitting you over the head. What I truly find so interesting in Dibbers response, how the two M/C’s in Israel are able to overcome all the hostility that could be present within the membership. Afterall, Israel is one of the hottest spots on earth when it comes to violence and wars. Here you have this tiny country surrounded by other countries that want to destroy it, but that doesn’t affect the brotherhood of a motorcycle club. That’s a strong brotherhood, something that we as American’s can learn from.

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Americans have the best country in the world, we have a set of ideas that allow us to have the freedom of association and speech. Outside our borders, Americans get horrified at some of the rights our biker brethren do not have in other countries. Everyone knows about the Bikie laws in Australia, or the Dutch and Germans who have been increasing laws against Biker clubs wearing colors in public, in some cases, outright banning them. It might be horrifying for all of us to watch because we have protections in place against that kind of stuff, well I do have to mention that is being put to the test with the Mongols Trademark case right now, nevertheless, we have those protections as of now. For motorcycle clubs overseas, they have to overcome a whole maze of political laws just to establish. Think about it, the government is involved in giving you permission to start a motorcycle club. And we thought we had it bad with the government here in the USA

When all is said and done, clubs around the world have one purpose, that purpose is brotherhood. It’s been pretty cool watching some of the videos Dibbler puts up, makes you appreciate the freedom we have here in America. Most important though, it gives you a look at how the different cultures approach motorcycle clubs and the meaning of brotherhood as a whole. What video I like to see from Dibbler would be on the topic “How do UK Clubs differ from American Clubs in the aspect of bylaws, race, and types of motorcycles allowed, especially if those clubs are from the USA” Do those clubs allow for other motorcycles other then Harley Davidson or American Made? Do what we would consider an “All white club” over here, allow persons of color over there?

Insane Throttle recommends you head on over and check out Dibber in the winds you tube channel . You won’t be disappointed, it’s very informative and can give you lots of insights into how clubs are set up around the world.

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