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Bikers Against Bullies USA- Making a difference across the country . A motorcycle organization stepping up for those in need

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

There is nothing better than being a biker. I actually couldn’t imagine life any other way. I’m also blessed with the fact that I get to live out the lifestyle like most others don’t get the chance to do. Through my work here at Insane Throttle, the opportunities afforded to me to meet all kinds of people within this culture, is the best thing about what I do . The guys and gals in the biker community are some of the best people this country could ever hope for. I want to take the time to thank everyone for the support you provide Insane Throttle, the daily emails I receive, both good and bad, help me maintain just how much diversity our lifestyle has, and how to maintain focused,  staying the middle of the road on everything we do here at the Throttle.

When I first started Insane Throttle officially in 2016 (Had been writing posts for fun before then) the focus was more on motorcycle clubs. I always believed that motorcycle clubs, especially 1%er clubs, got a bad rap. My original goal was to bring out the variety of different clubs, give you insights to hopefully help people understand them better, especially those who didn’t have much experience with them. As Insane Throttle began to gain in popularity, I wanted Insane Throttle to focus on more than just club stuff, I wanted to focus on the biker community as a whole. Motorcycle Madhouse was born out of this idea. Although I love to write, I wanted to bring a podcast that would be different, something that was hard hitting, straight to the point, based on energy and topics everyone could relate with.

After just 9 episodes, Motorcycle Madhouse has become a great success. The reactions that Double Barrel and Myself get is amazing. The questions that we get emailed are fantastic, so please keep sending them in. Motorcycle Madhouse will be branching off into on air interviews with people who make the biker community great. Feb 22 we will be airing our interview with George Christie, former Hells Angel and author of 2 best selling books and star of History Channels ” Outlaw Chronicles”. Everyday I’m booking people onto the show that has contributed to the biker community.

We’ve had Former Regional Vice President and Northside Chapter Boss of the AOA and author of “The Last Chicago Boss” Peter “Big Pete”James “Live” on our Facebook Page every Thursday at 7pm cst  the last couple weeks. We have been getting great reviews and will continue to have him on every Thursday as long as he wants to participate.

If you would like for us to get someone on the Madhouse or Facebook “Live” email us at and we will try our best to reach out to them and see if they will come on.

Like I was saying earlier. Bikers are some of the best people America has. Many have served as soldiers in our great military. Most, are the hard working blue collar men and women who make up our great nation. Today’s focus will be on an organization that brings that greatness of bikers to full reality. That biker organization is Bikers Against Bullies USA. Here is more from their website about their mission statement, and fundraising successes they have achieved.

Bikers Against Bullies USA

  • Bikers Against Bullies USA (BAB USA)  is a group formed originally in Missoula, MT in 2012 as an awareness program aimed at educating children through school systems as well as the public forum, with anti-bully tools such as; vehicle stickers, posters, appearances and signings.
  • BAB USA does not claim expertise in anti-bullying, but can be used highly effectively as a working adjunctive program to actual, organized anti-bullying formats such as OLWEUS.
  • All BAB USA activities, including promotions, rides, Facebook pages and appearance events are open to people of all ages, gender, sexual orientation and any type of motorized cycle.
  • BAB USA is comprised of volunteer chapter groups across the nation.  Although there are no national officers in BAB USA, each chapter is coordinated by a designated volunteer in each region.  (See Liaison Guidelines for more information on joining or forming a chapter in your region).
  • What if I’m not a Biker?  BAB USA welcomes all supporters, not motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Bikers Against Bullies USA Facebook Page
Thank you for supporting this critical movement to help the community stand up to bullying. We are grateful for your support – at any level.”
Rubber Down, 
Fund Raising Achievements

  • LifeScape Childrens Hospital                                                                                 $27,500.00
  • Youth and Family Services of South Dakota                                                        $52,500.00
  • Big Brother Big Sisters of the Black Hills, South Dakota                                   $25,000.00
  • Polson Boys and Girls Clubs                                                                                      $2,800.00
  • Ronan Boys and Girls Clubs                                                                                      $1,600.00
  • Dixon Elementary School – Every kid rides Bike and Helmet Program          $1,200.00
  • Special Olympics Montana                                                                                        $2,000.00
  • Hellgate Hero Program                                                                                            $10,800.00
  • Donnie Austin  Race program                                                                                   $3,000.00
  • Free Cycles                                                                                                                    $3,200.00
  • Marie Vick Home upgrade (cancer victim)                                                            $2,750.00
  • Phoenix Youth Homes (Fence & establish cooking classes)                                  $1,200.00
  • Arizonans for Children                                                                                               $1,200.00
  • Missoula Big Brothers Big Sisters                                                                             $3,000.00
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Source : Black Hills Fox

Most people know bullying is bad, but Bikers Against Bullies USA believe it’s an idea that still needs to be reinforced even on Tuesday.

Our reporter Katrina Lim shows us what they had to say to students at Belle Fourche High School.

During an assembly at Belle Fourche High School, Bikers Against Bullies used humor, songs, and skits to talk about a difficult subject: bullying.

Belle Fourche High School junior Akeilah Anderson says, “Honestly I hate assemblies. They are the most boring thing on Earth, but this was lit. This was the greatest assembly ever.”

They asked the students what respect means to them and demonstrated how to deal with bullies.

Akeilah Anderson says, “I either walk away or if they’re bullying someone else, I do exactly like Flash! said to do and I just pull the other person out of the situation.”

The group’s founder says they strive to inspire and motivate kids into bettering their lives by making good choices.

Bikers Against Bullies U.S.A. founder Flash! says, “If you’re confident in who you are, you’re not going to accept being bullied. But if you’re confident in who you are, you don’t need to be the person who’s being the bully anyway. Bullies tend to not feel good about themselves. That’s why they tear others down.”

Country singer Jared Blake also spoke at the assembly.

He says when giving advice, people tend to create a negative environment of “don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t be a bully.”

Recording artist from Season One The Voice Jared Blake says, “And so instead of focusing on what the kids shouldn’t do, our focus is on who are you looking to be? What is it that you want out of life? Who has that? How did they get it? How do you get it? T o empower the child into realizing their future is in their hands and their choices they make are what’s going to get them there.”

Bikers Against Bullies USA has been raising awareness about the terrible effects of bullying since 2011.

Jared Blake says, “I think the biggest hope that I have that the kids took away from the assembly is that it’s all about being real with yourself.”

Bikers Against Bullies will host another assembly tomorrow morning at Belle Fourche Middle School.

Jared Blake is a part of Live to Be, and they’re able to travel to all these schools thanks to their sponsors.

Visit their education partner for questions and information about drugs, alcohol, effects and treatment resources at

You can also call 844-812-HOPE to speak with a counselor now.

To learn more about BAB USA and LIVE TO BE click the link below.

Jared Blake

These are truly the articles I enjoy writing. I know that I do not feature enough of these types of articles. These types of organizations are what is at the core of a biker. Goodness and charity. The media will always focus on the bad, they will always cherry pick some event and make a blanket indictment on the whole biker community. This is something that will always be because violence sells a story. It’s sad that this is the case. Those stories couldn’t be further from the truth on how bikers really are. When you have organizations like Bikers Against Bullies USA out there making a difference in a kids life, those are the types of stories that need to be told.

Just think back to when you were young. Were you picked on? Didn’t have anyone to turn too? Always going to school worrying who would be picking on you next? It would’ve been amazing to have a someone like Bikers Against Bullies to reach out to and talk with. I know in today’s society, there is a major difference then when we old timers grew up, being a parent and grandparent, I would honestly say these kids nowadays have it a hundred times tougher then we did growing up. Think about it for a second. These kids have to deal with bullies not only in person, but on social media as well. We know all to well how bad the drama mill ramps up on Facebook and Twitter. Now, put yourself in the place of a 14 year old kid, someone who might be timid or unable to stand up for themselves. The fierceness of the bullies would be a 100 x what we had to go through. A none stop 24 hours of humiliation and teasing, all thanks to social media.

This could very well be the reasons behind the suicide rate for teenagers going up over the years. When we were that age can you think of a time when you heard about so many teenagers committing suicide? Kids are wired different then we were back then, now it’s all about that smartphone, all those lovely apps they can download to use as tools against another kid. It must be a living hell for a 14 year old kid today getting bullied. So the work that Bikers Against Bullies is doing has to be applauded, the money that they raise for charity, and especially the lives that they help is nothing short of amazing. If you get a chance, support the organization by making a small donation, I’m sure that they would appreciate it greatly. Share this article on your social media accounts and get the world out for Bikers Against Bullies. It’s a hell of a great cause that is truly needed nowadays.

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