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Feds missed the real Kingsmen killer, defense claims. WTF? Brothers turning on and killing brothers? And this is a motorcycle club?


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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

The saying “Everyone is a gangster until its time to do gangster shit” comes to mind when you read the below article. Before we dive into that subject and the situation going on within the Kingsmen. Let’s talk about the current state of Motorcycle Clubs.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but WTF is going on in the club scene? Maybe George Christie and Peter “Big Pete ” James are right. The new generation has no idea what being a biker is genuinely about. When I read the below article I stepped back and took about an hour to let it sink in. I went around soaking up all the news I could in regards to the situation printed on the Kingsmen, After I did that I sat down; Thought about some of the statements that have come from old timers over the years in conversations and interviews. Most of the statements centered on how the younger generation, especially those 21-28, had all the erroneous ideas on what it meant to be a member of a club.

Sit back and think about that age range for a minute. Those in that age range grew up having Sons of Anarchy as a guide to what they thought a biker was supposed to be about. Sons of Anarchy had its debut on September 3rd, 2008 and wrapped up in 2014. So yea, the sweet spot in the 21-28-year-old range would’ve relied heavily on what they were seeing on TV. What they perceived a motorcycle club as was a gun and drug running, murdering bunch that would kill whenever they had the chance. They also saw that it was alright to kill one of your own brothers.

This begs the question. What has happened with this younger generation is beyond me. If they cannot tell the difference between entertainment and real life, we are all in trouble. Especially now that the Mayans will be coming out this fall. So what does this all have to do with this whole story? These younger club members are putting what they see on a stupid show in real life situations.

Let’s consider the murder of an Outlaw President in Florida last year by the 69ers motorcycle club. The AOA President was gunned down in his truck by members of the 69ers on BIKES!!! Think about it. They did a hit while riding their bikes, had all kinds of identifying marks on the bikes; Proceeded to shoot someone in the middle of the street. A few hours later the video of them on the bikes come out and within a day, all those involved were arrested and charged. WTF Really? Something probably they seen straight out of SOA and because JAX or whoever in that stupid show did a shooting like that, got away. So let’s go out there and replicate it in real life. Well, Macecari how do you know that they did this because of SOA? Well, no one with any common sense, knowing the technology out there would in their right mind pull off a shooting like that using their OWN BIKES. It’s that type of thinking that clubs have to deal with now. We wonder why there is so much crap going on in the club scene?

I want to be clear. When I do editorials on subjects that are happening in the club scene, I’m not targeting one club, not every club has the problems that I’m talking about. Many of the clubs out there are holding strong to their beliefs and maintain a solid brotherhood. With that said, many clubs are not holding strong. You have clubs on the internet spreading club business for everyone to see, you have situations where clubs business plays out in a very public way like the Kingsmen M/C. These types of situations would’ve been unheard of in the past and it’s starting to hurt the image of all clubs.

Right now Harley Davidson and many of the other motorcycle makers are facing a huge problem bringing in the younger generation. Many have no interest at all in the biker lifestyle. Whats motorcycle makers problems have to do with motorcycle clubs? Membership! Without the membership, clubs have a harder and harder time making it. The younger generation has no desire to join anything that they perceive will get them thrown in jail for 20 to life, they are not wired that way. This is why you will always see me talk about the importance of clubs making peace. 10 years from now mark my words; Clubs will be struggling if they don’t decide to put the violence aside and get along. It won’t be the feds that destroy the clubs.In contrary, clubs are the ones that will destroy themselves because they won’t be able to get the members to replenish the ranks.

“Everyone is a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit”

“Defense lawyers claim the government’s case depends greatly on the testimony of Kingsmen who have already pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Pirk, Jenkins, and Enix. They claim many of those witnesses have already testified falsely before grand juries.”

The government’s case, like so many other cases against a motorcycle club, depends on getting people to flip on each other. Low and behold it happened in this case.Brothers turning against brothers, the ultimate divide and conquer strategy. What’s sad? We in the biker community allow it to happen. If you look at the statement above closely, the feds are having a field day with the Kingsmen M/C. In this current trial, you have the Defense trying to lay the blame on the one who decided to leave and join another club. The same guy who will be going to trial later this year. The defense strategy is decent, lay the blame on “Rats” and then goes after the guy who left for another club. About sums it all up doesn’t it?

In their defense strategy, the Former National President is now in essence (least the way I perceive it) turning rat to save himself by throwing a former brother under the bus. It’s basically doing the same thing that they are complaining about is happening to them. So yea, the Feds got the whole club fighting each other and is sitting there eating popcorn waiting for the sentences to be handed down,

It’s a sad day when a former National President of a club as old as the Kingsmen start turning rat. Goes to show you just how far clubs have sunk regarding watching out for their own. But again, “Everyone is a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit”


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Source: Buffalo News

When investigators arrested Andre Jenkins for the murders of two fellow Kingsmen, they overlooked the real killer, defense lawyers told a jury Wednesday.

They also missed the boat on who was behind the effort to turn the Kingsmen into a “one-percent” club capable of competing with other outlaw biker gangs engaged in criminal enterprises, the attorneys argued.

Former Kingsmen national President David Pirk, former Tennessee and Florida chapter President Timothy Enix and Jenkins are charged with drug dealing, gun sales, acts of violence and operating a criminal conspiracy.

But over and over again, the defense used its opening statements in the trial to suggest that, yes, a terrible double murder took place, but the wrong Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members are being prosecuted.

“Something about this case doesn’t make sense,” defense lawyer Terrence M. Connors told the jury at one point. “Something about this case doesn’t add up.”

More than once, Connors suggested that the FBI investigation into the murders of Kingsmen Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski fell short, an allegation echoed by others on the defense team.

Collectively, they pointed the finger at other Kingsmen, most notably Filip Caruso, a co-defendant in the case scheduled to go on trial later.

“Caruso was a psychopath,” defense attorney Cheryl Meyers Buth told the jury.

To hear the defense tell it, Caruso was a drug dealer and a “one-man crusade” in support of the move to a one-percent club. He also had an ax to grind with Maue, who had recently shot and killed Caruso’s dog, the lawyers said.

At some point, Caruso left the club to join the Nickel City Nomads, another local biker club, but continued to “wreak havoc” on the Kingsmen.

“He’s a violent character,” said defense lawyer Barry N. Covert. “He was out of control.”

Caruso’s defense attorney, contacted by The Buffalo News, dismissed any suggestion that his client was involved in the killings or the move to become a criminal organization.

Even more important, perhaps, federal prosecutors claim Caruso was Pirk’s initial target and that, when that effort failed, Pirk turned to Maue and Szymanski.

“The evidence will show that Filip Caruso was an intended victim,” said John P. Pieri, his defense lawyer. “It was only because he was able to outsmart Andre Jenkins that he’s still alive today.”

Pieri told The News that Pirk’s defense is rooted in his earliest statements to the FBI when he and Enix suggested Caruso might be the killer.

The defense strategy is also in sharp contrast to the prosecution’s claims that it was Pirk who ordered the 2014 murders of Maue and Szymanski outside the club’s North Tonawanda clubhouse to send a message to members opposed to him.

Prosecutors also claim it was Pirk, who became national president in 2013, who led the effort to turn the Kingsmen into a “one-percent” club. They claim his goal was to expand its national reputation and footprint by competing with the Pagans, Outlaws and other one-percent clubs engaged in crime.

Defense lawyers claim the government’s case depends greatly on the testimony of Kingsmen who have already pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Pirk, Jenkins and Enix. They claim many of those witnesses have already testified falsely before grand juries.

“Their stories change over time,” Covert told the jury. “And you will see that. You’re also going to learn that the witnesses have their own motivation.”

All three attorneys suggested that their clients were dead set against the move to a “one-percent” club and, to the contrary, fought to keep the Kingsmen clean.

“He was a peacemaker,” Meyers Buth said of Pirk. “He was just trying to hold the club together.”

Connors said the government’s investigation into Enix missed a number of important facts, including his 30-year career as an auto worker or time as a volunteer firefighter.

“Why didn’t they tell you that?” he asked the jury. “Shouldn’t you know the entire picture of a man? We’ll make sure you do.”

Founded more than six decades ago, the Kingsmen have been a constant presence in the community, their gold knight’s helmet with the red plume on top a frequent sight on local streets and highways.

In 2016, a federal grand jury indicted 16 members, charging them with drug dealing, gun sales, acts of violence and operating a criminal conspiracy and, since then, the local Kingsmen chapters have been dissolved.

The trial before U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford resumes Thursday.

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