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Flick of a cigarette engulfs young biker in flames; now recovering in virtual reality- We all had this happen at one time or another.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Real glad this kid turned out to be ok. He still has a lot of recovery in front of him; it’s good to see he is still alive after some crap like this.

If you’ve been riding any length of time you know what it feels like when some ass-monkey flicks his cigarette out the window and hitting ya smack dab in the face at 75 miles an hour.

We use to have a little trick in the club for jag offs like that. We use to carry around in our pockets the smallest ball bearings we could find. If something stupid like this happened with a cigarette being flicked out a window and hitting us; We would pass the vehicle and pull up in front of them about 20 feet and let those bearings out a couple at a time. Yea, rocks don’t have nothing on a good ball bearing at 75 miles an hour.

But hey, It’s 2018 and not the 90’s anymore so don’t go around having ball bearings falling out your pockets lol. Nah a good kick to the door will usually do now a days.

All joking aside this could’ve ended alot worse for this kid and we are happy that it didn’t.  We put his gofundme page down at the bottom. If you could donate a few dollars I’m sure he would appreciate it.

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MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) – A Milton man who caught fire in a freak accident on a motorcycle earlier this year is nearly pain-free, but he’s says, it’s not thanks to painkillers.

He says, virtual reality has distracted him from the pain.

In late January, Caleb Dunn, 24, was riding his motorcycle near Pensacola when someone in the car ahead of him flicked a cigarette out of the vehicle’s window. Deen says the cigarette flew into his clothes and rolled down his back behind his sweatshirt.

The lit cigarette ignited his shirt, engulfing him in flames atop his motorcycle.
“It happened so fast,” said Dunn at USA Medical Center in Mobile, where he was taken after the accident.

Dunn suffered massive third-degree burns to his back, stomach, sides and arms.  He says the pain was unbearable, at first.

USA’s Burn Center, recently ranked best in the nation, recently received a virtual reality system they’re using exclusively with burn victims.  Doctors say virtual reality is so immersive that it fully captivates the senses and stimulates the mind past thoughts of pain.

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n other words, it’s so real, the patients forgets they’re laying in a hospital bed, and more importantly, forgets the immense pain they should be experiencing.

“It’s definitely a distraction,” said Dunn of his virtual reality treatment. “You’re thinking about the game, how to operate it, how to win the game, it’s definitely a distraction. It takes your mind into another world, literally.”

A GoFund me page has been setup with the pledge of helping Dunn with his medical expenses:

There will also be a Poker Run to benefit Caleb on Sunday starting at 10:30am.  You can find more info here:

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