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When Foreign Motorcycle Clubs Invade the United States and loose the reputation they’ve built in their home countries – Here is the reasons why

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

I’m sure if you’ve been in the motorcycle club scene awhile you’ve heard of the Comanchero M/C which formed in Australia in 1966. It has a pretty bad ass reputation in Australia. Lately though I do not understand the Instagram wars their ol ladies are having with ol ladies of rival clubs, but that must be a thing in OZ. Point being, the Comanchero and other clubs like the Rebels M/C had a good reputation until they started expanding into the United States.

Why do Foreign Clubs loose respect in the United States?

Let’s start out with some photos and the audience can see where I’m going with this.

michael cunningham comanchero
Michael  Cunningham First Foreign Club The Rebels MC
michael cunningham First Foreign Club The Rebels MC
Then from the Rebels Jumped to starting the Comanchero

This can be a good starting point on why they are loosing respect in the motorcycle community here in the states. After being kicked out of the Rebels USA this dude went and brought the Comancheros into the United States. Michael  Cunningham was a frequent guest on IOTC. His shenanigans made not only himself look stupid, but the clubs who allowed him to wear their patches. The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact these Oz clubs have lost brothers who wore them patches with pride, standing up and paying the ultimate price when duty called. To put patches on people who just sent you a check is a big disservice to their memory.

I do not know how it works in Australia regarding rags, but here in the states this is a huge disrespect to the colors a club flies.

Comanchero mc

Here you have so called National Officers of your club putting their cuts on the ground just so they can show it off on the internet. For one, I cannot remember National Officers ever Identifying themselves to the public. What in the hell is that all about? You guys have been around since 1966, I would imagine that you would have to look at that and shake your head at the stupidity of your so called Nationals in the USA identifying themselves.

Man is ‘mistakenly gunned down by Comanchero gang as he visited Mongols-linked ‘Afghan Ali”
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So called National Officers of Foreign Clubs Pay Attention


You claim to be a 1%er club. OK fine, it’s you thing and do it the way you want to cause I can care less. But here is a suggestion for you when your posting all over the internet. Do not post pics where someone can figure out your address. I do not know if you ass-monkeys realize this or not, but computers are a powerful thing when in the hands of people who know how to use them. Just from this picture, I know your address, phone number and more. Not to smart by letting everyone know your position in a club. If I’m able to get that information you really don’t think a club you would be at war with can’t do the same thing? Thus the reason why most in officers positions tend to stay off the social media. If they are on it, they sure the hell do not post positions or anything that could identify them.

This is the very reason why most clubs, especially 1%er clubs do not allow members to have any identifying club logos showing. Your club might want to take that into consideration. Without all the stuff posted on the internet you guys wouldn’t be frequent guests on IOTC.

Inside the secret world of bikies

Advice to Foreign Clubs wanting to expand in the USA

You guys might want to come up with a better recruitment policy. Maybe institute a hang-around period and prospective period for those who are interested in starting something up here in the states. Right now you guys are picking from the bottom of the barrel. Many of these so called officers or nationals do not have any prior club experience. Many are out bad from other clubs or just went out and bought a bike. They sure the hell don’t know how to run a major 1%er club. Do any of your members from the home country even stay with the new chapter to make sure it gets up and running correctly?

One thing that foreign clubs have to understand. Just because you have a great reputation in your home country don’t mean crap here in the United States. 1%er clubs here could care less if you’re bug and mighty in Australia. This is the United States and things around here are much different. The name Rebels or Comanchero doesn’t hold any weight because everyone knows how you are recruiting. Your club business is everywhere on the internet. Something that just isn’t done here. Club business is suppose to be kept within the club. Until you take the basic steps to straighten out those you have wearing your patches here in the states (Or more importantly start over with people who actually know what they are doing) your name will remain a joke. Still shaking my head on this Cunningham dude. How the hell did your clubs let that happen? Anyways, just my two cents.

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