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Do Biker News Sites need to set standards for reliability – especially when putting out material that can have real world consequences ?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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I’ve consistently stated. “Media is the platform in which a story gets out. It’s the participants that are suppose to narrate the story. Insane Throttle tries it’s best to keep to that mission statement. When a story comes out on a motorcycle club Insane Throttle remains a neutral party. If a motorcycle club screws up than we don’t sugar coat it for them. No matter which club it is. If Insane Throttle were to participate in that, we would subsequently become a propaganda machine. Something you can bet, Insane Throttle will never do to our followers.

I’ll get into the affects the media is having on Americans in subsequent articles. Right now I’m actually addressing other biker news sites. Especially ones who want to produce editorial pieces. I understand sites have a base to play to. But damn, at least, get the facts out there for the audience to make an informed decision. I recognize it; I do. People express preferences for one club over another. Now remind you; I’m not talking about any particular site or sites. This is just in general. But at least try to mask the obvious bias you have on the subject matter being presented. Present the facts at the very least, from both sides of the issue. Next go into the editorial opinion of the situation. This at the very least is owed to the biker community.

If biker news sites are to be taken serious. We have to set standards where our credibility is taken serious.The internet has replaced how people receive their information. No longer is it newspapers and the local television news stations. People get information from bloggers, freelance reporters, niche websites and thousands of other resources on the net. For biker news sites to maintain credibility for future growth, sites need to have some professional standards. One being, presenting both sides of the issue. Providing both parties, the ability to respond publicly to accusations made on the platform. We biker news sites are no better than the National Enquirer or tabloid magazine in a check out line at Walmart if we don’t have some set of standards.  

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An example of real world effects the media is having on Bikers.

The effects a media platform can have on peoples lives is astronomical. This has been seen time and time again in the Biker Scene. We are used to the main stream so-called media categorizing biker clubs as nothing more than drug running, women raping out of control domestic terrorist. This was evident in coverage of the 1-year anniversary of Outlaw Motorcycle Club member Paul Anderson. Leo actually went out there and said “Bad Things happen to Bad People” – Sheriff Chris Nocco. “There was not a single mention of Paul’s decorated military service or of his surviving family. The truth about Paul would not fit Nocco’s false narrative of fear. Double D Motorcycle Profiling Project. Did the publication incorporate this into the story? Hell no, they pushed this cops personal feelings towards 1%er club members.

Bikers at risk over LEO statements

Do Biker News Services owe it to the biker community to report fairly? Insane Throttle Biker News include the following to get ahold of us, an email address and telephone number. The insane Throttles email addresses are, or we can be contacted by telephone 847-957-1656. Any news website worth anything is going to allow people a chance to contact them. If they cannot provide basic contact information than the site isn’t worth the bandwidth.

My reply to the question “Do Biker News websites owe it to the biker community to report fairly”? Absolutely! You’re damn right fairness should be giving to both sides. This is especially true when a site deals with the motorcycle club scene.In my own opinion.Those who never rode with a motorcycle club have no business dispensing advice or criticism to any motorcycle club. Much less try and talk on the subject. This goes out to all the motorcycle club members mostly. How do you look at it when someone didn’t have to put in the prospect time – now wants to start dispensing advice or criticism? Exactly, it’s a complete pile of horseshit.

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If a biker news site cannot give a comprehensive picture of the subject matter being discussed, they are no better than those mainstream publications putting out garbage. They might as well help push the Leo angle like that publication did for Nocco, that POS cop who wanted to blast someone he had no idea about. No, the publication got one side of the story and cause all kinds of uproar because of its lack of quality reporting.

What areas should Biker News Sites focus on to ensure they are credible?

If a news site genuinely cares about the biker lifestyle. Those sites should at the very least, maintain some standards.

  1. Have contact information other than an email for people to get ahold of the publication. Put a phone number down so individuals or clubs can get ahold of you to express concerns, make corrections to the information and so on.
  2. Place a picture of the author on the piece. If you cannot identify yourself and stand behind your work how reliable is the information you‘re putting out there? How can people take you seriously?
  3. Reference your sources. This doesn’t mean your personal informational sources you are receiving tips from. It means if you’re getting your information from another news source list it and link to it.
  4. If you’re putting a news article out. Least try to maintain neutrality and let the facts speak for themselves.
  5. Disclaimers- We use them all the time here at Insane Throttle. If any one of us have a connection to a story on a M/C we list those associations.


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