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Pre-conceived notions about bikers. Some say police profiling is a result of clubs actions. What Say you? Lines starting to be drawn? Bikers vs Police?

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James “Hollywood” Macecari – Opinion Columnist

It seems like 2018 has brought us incidence after incidence of motorcycle club and biker profiling. Earlier this year during Daytona Bike Week a member of the Volusia County Police Department flanked by two FBI agents stated: ” Motorcycle Clubs are nothing more than Domestic Terrorist.” Next, you have the Dodge County and Lomira Police profiling the Outlaws M/C. Not long ago we’ve seen the city of Cudahy refuse an occupancy permit to the Iron Breed M/C. Finally, the Sonora Police Department caught on tape openly admitting to profiling a group of bikers. 

By the way. All the action on the part of our readers is making Sonora PD Sweat. Take five minutes if you will and give them some more of what they give us bikers. Takes only 5 minutes. Click on the 1 star under review and let them know what you think of police profiling. 

Sonora PD
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Was the video of Sonora PD the turning point needed to wake up the biker community?

The mass outpouring all over social media of the video signaled a change in the way some people are looking at the biker community. Ordinary citizens were jumping on board letting the PD know what they were doing was outright profiling and wrong. No longer was it just bikers out there complaining about the harassment LEO’s do to bikers. It was ordinary citizens who were horrified at the blatant treatment of fellow US Citizens. Citizens saw it for themselves and realized if LEOS could do it to bikers it could happen to them. After all, bikers represent the bedrock of what American Society is all about. The Biker Lifestyle spans all walks of life. It’s made up of the blue collar and white collar. White, Black, Hispanic and all the other races that make up America. 

America has been sold a bunch of B.S when it comes to LEO’s. For generations, we’ve all been sold a bill of goods that wasn’t worth what people have been paying for. Police have been upheld on the ultimate pedestal. Police can do no wrong is what the public usually hears. It hasn’t been until recently the country is getting an inside look at what a lot of police departments are like. Social Media and Video have opened everyone’s eyes. No longer can media and politicians hide the actions of police departments and treatment of American Citizens. 

Police are supposed to be there to PROTECT AND SERVE. Not be the KGB or Gestapo. Police are not above the law themselves. They do not receive the right to be DICKS just because they wear a badge and gun. They cannot sit there and harass a group of bikers for intelligence gathering purposes. Once more, this is America, not some communist country. 

You want to know who embodies what cops are all about? Officer Howdy Doody Ryan Urlacher. Here is a dude who goes running his mouth that members of 1%er clubs are criminal. Pushing the same tired company line all these blue gang members do. He says he represents the 99% motorcycling majority. Funny, when articles ran about him 99% of the bikers out there didn’t even know he was an active duty cop. Why do I go after him all the time? Well for one, he claims to speak for the biker community. So when someone claims to speak for the biker community you can damn well bet I’ll call him out when he spills nothing but police propaganda. I’ve given him the chance like I do everyone to come on the Madhouse and give his side. He’s chosen not to because he is weak and has no arguments to stand on. This is what happens when people like him are called out. They want to stay in their safe spaces and avoid being exposed even more for what they are not.

Mark Gauthier says a lot of the “old school guys” used to have a different way of looking at the world and might be called “rebellious” — Yep the Canadian Viewpoint

Some say police profiling is a result of clubs actions.

Have certain clubs brought on the police attention? I’d be lying to you if I say they haven’t. With that said. This doesn’t give LEOS an open door to walk through and harass and characterize the whole club scene. It sure doesn’t give them a right to sit there and go bike to bike writing down license plates from people who were doing absolutely nothing wrong.

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Lines starting to be drawn – Bikers vs Police?

When I first started off in the Biker scene, it was general knowledge we would stay on our side of the sandbox and LEOs are theirs. Over the years with the introduction of the RUBS in the mid to late 90’s that all started to change. The lines between bikers and LEOS started becoming blurred. It wasn’t all that surprising because here you had a bunch of middle age wannabees coming into a scene they had no idea about. Now that the middle age crises are worn off and these RUBS are overloading the Used Bike Market; things seem to be getting back to normal. 

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Cops continue war on Bikers. Tarrant County sheriffs deputy resigns after rant.” We really have to watch who we associate with “. Chicago cop pleads guilty to having sex with 14-year-old girl, admits similar conduct with 3 other minors

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Source: The Guardian


The president of the Vicious Cycle Motorcycle Club in Charlottetown says many people he encounters have pre-conceived notions about bikers.

Mark Gauthier says a lot of the “old school guys” used to have a different way of looking at the world and might be called “rebellious” — an image the regional coalition of motorcyclists is trying to change.

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“Traditionally, it has been kind of on the fringes of society,” Gauthier said during an interview at the annual motorcycle buy, sell and swap meet at the Eastlink Centre over the long weekend. “One of the things that we try to do with the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs is to actually bridge that gap, to let more people know what the motorcycle community is all about and to kind of invite people in to see and not be the standoffish, old-school rebels.”

He noted opinions are often formed based on a person’s looks, and Gauthier is no exception.

“I go to work in a motorcycle club T-shirt, I’m covered in tattoos,” he said.

But Gauthier also says he does social work with troubled youth, where his appearance is an asset. “They don’t care because I’m relatable, and the kids are going to build that therapeutic relationship a lot sooner. They’re going to let their walls down a lot sooner.”

Gauthier draws from experience to help guide troubled youth down a healthier, more productive path.

“If I’m saying, ‘Listen, here’s now I changed my life, and look at me know,’ I don’t think I’m uncool. I’m not some square out there who’s just doing nothing. I’m living my life way better than I did back in the day when I was in (their) shoes.”

As the swap meet was underway, four members of the RCMP sat in a booth above the rink area, observing everyone who came and went.

Cpl. Andy Cook said the RCMP attends such events for public safety and to monitor membership in different clubs. He acknowledged that just belonging to a motorcycle club doesn’t make someone a criminal, noting Gauthier’s Vicious Cycle does do legitimate work.

“His club is supposed to be about addictions recovery, and I’m not going to say they don’t do some good work,” he said. “Groups like that one there, we’re not focused on them. We’re focused on criminal groups, and even within groups like the Hells Angels, we’re focused on the criminality there.”

Cook said two members of Hell’s Angels were observed at Saturday’s swap meet.

While members of the ACC say they aren’t part of the Hells Angels, Cook said by selling merchandise for the gang — which was happening at Saturday’s event — they become affiliated.

“They’re free to associate, we’re not there for that. If they want to associate, that’s up to them, but our job is public safety and it’s to monitor groups like the Hells Angels. So, I’m not going to not do my job because they don’t like it.”

Motorcycle madfhouse

If you’re in Chicago area and can participate I know it would mean alot to this fellow biker.
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