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As the Nation honors the sacrifices of so many – Much work is left to be done. Especially in the Biker Scene. Time for all bikers to get into the fight.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

No other time, except right before the Civil War, has our country been so divided. The war of sedition was fought over State Rights and an overbearing government. Many claim it was over slavery. Well, the victors do get to tell their side of history, don’t they? Regardless of the flashpoint of the war, one thing is certain. The country was divided into camps just as it is today. 

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants – Thomas Jefferson

At this present moment, society is tearing itself apart. Split over whether the country should move to a left-leaning socialist agenda or a Pro-American agenda. 

What we’ve seen develops in this country over the last nine years is nothing short of mind-boggling. It’s no longer politically correct to call out those who blatantly show communist or socialist leanings. Look at the 2016 Presidential Election. Specifically the Democratic Primary. This country had an admitted National Socialist running for the office of the Presidency. Worse yet, the dude garnered the support of millions who 1. Had no idea what National Socialism meant. 2. Were only interested in his ideas because of what free shit they could get from the government. 

Take an extremely close look at Venezuela. Right now those people are eating rats off the street because the country is in chaos. Another thing to look at when it comes to Socialism? Look at those preaching it. Wealthy people who hunger for nothing but power. Promise the masses free everything and class warfare and next thing you have is a total dictatorship. 

The Progressive left in this country has for years, set up the conditions in which Socialism could become a reality. They have gone after the basic tenents in which the common man could fight back. Gun Control is one of the biggest objectives these far left progressives have. Look at California right now. Gun Control the toughest in the country. A huge push for open borders. Protecting Illegal Immigrants over American Citizens. You’re seeing the Socialist experiment in action right there in California.


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What does this all have to do with bikers? You’re just being political!

March 17th, 2015 in Waco, Texas, we witnessed one of the biggest government actions against civilians in modern history. That day not only were nine people killed. But 177 people were arrested on charges without proper investigation. Arrested because the political ambitions of one man. District Attorney Abel Reyna used his office to blatantly arrest people who had no part in that whole situation. 

An ordinary investigation would’ve led to that conclusion just by watching the video. Alternatively, he used the incident to put his name in the headlines. The District Attorneys office also used the incident to cover for the blatant misconduct of the police officers on the scene. After all, if you watch some of the videos of the incident. You will see some of the dead dying right on camera because the police refused to allow help in. It’s sad to say, but those men, if on a battlefield, would’ve had a greater chance of survival than right here on American soil. No cop has been punished to this day. 

In the last couple weeks, we’ve witnessed examples of profiling by the police department both on video and in public forums like council meetings. People were shocked about the Sonora video. What many do not realize is that kind of treatment of bikers is a frequent occurrence on the streets. Do some clubs bring it on by some of the stupid stuff they pull? Hell yes, no covering for that kind of ass-monkey crap. But 90% of the time the Leos go out of their way to be pricks. That video proved that point to be 100% correct.

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Bikers as a community need to come together. Both Independent and Club to make a difference

Confederation of Clubs and Independents can’t do it all on their own. If biker profiling is to be ended the clubs have to do their part. What do I mean by that? Maybe it’s time to put the egos and dick size aside and come to the table and end your differences. It’s not the easiest thing to defend some clubs when members are getting convicted on drug charges, murder charges and God knows what else. It’s time to evolve or go extinct.

Right now there is a divide the biker scene. Anyone that pays any attention can see it clear as day. It’s no longer the old day’s everyone wants to hold onto. I’m guilty as the next trying to hold onto something that is no longer possible. As is life, the evolution of a culture and society takes place. Those who do not evolve with the times remain the ones usually looking from the outside in. 

The only way to win the fight we are in right now with biker profiling is not giving the bastards a reason to hit us. The more clubs are in the headlines; another battle has been lost. Many of those who are bikers in clubs don’t realize a fundamental principle. It’s the ordinary citizen who you have to get on our side. Those are the ones we have to rally to our side. The ones who vote and are active in the political process. 

For those who want to scream “The Leos could’ve set them up.“While this could very well be the truth in some cases. It’s not in all of the cases. Sorry to say. Over 90% of the time the club members got caught on a wire. Got caught pushing to an undercover informant or one of their own turned to save their asses. This is the sad truth. No matter how much you want to believe the club members were set up. Most of the time it was because of their own stupidy. We sure the hell are not helping ourselves pushing the anti-cop line in cases where it’s so obviously blatant, the members were caught dead cold. 

How can you get into the fight?

Get involved with as many political organizations you can. Join biker rights organizations like ABATE. Get involved with riding groups like Patriot Guard Riders. Most importantly. Get involved in local community politics. Make sure to attend meetings and make your voice heard on the local level. Most Importantly! Get out and vote. If you cannot get out and vote then you have no say in what’s happening out there. If you truly want to honor those who fought and died for this country then honor them by getting involved in this countries political process. Right now we need all hands on deck. 


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