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News Update- Content Changes to the Throttle and a big milestone reached with Motorcycle Madhouse.


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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

This weekend was something special for Insane Throttle and Motorcycle Madhouse. This morning Motorcycle Madhouse hit the 1m mark. That is a mark every program shoots for when starting up. The Madhouse did it in 25 episodes. We owe the success to our audience who listens to us every week on Thursday. You guys and gals rock.

With that achievement reached. We‘ve been receiving offers from online radio stations as well as some interest from mainstream radio to rebroadcast the episodes and even broadcast from their platform. After much thought, we decided we would allow the Madhouse to be rebroadcast on Internet Radio Stations. But declined to take up any offers from the radio stations that have made offers.

 The reason we declined offers from radio stations is that the Madhouse would fall under FCC regulation. This would put a damper on the whole program. Essentially, it would alter the flow and quite frankly I wouldn’t be capable of watching what I say lol. 

Currently, Deadmans Internet Radio is Rebroadcasting episodes of Motorcycle Madhouse Fri- Sun 7am and 7pm.

The reason why I like internet radio is that for 1. No FCC and I can keep the program going as I like. 2. I want to keep the Madhouse within the Biker Community. Internet Radio stations who focus on Bikers are free to use the Madhouse. Motorcycle Madhouse was never about making money. It was designed to give biker related content to the lifestyle we all love. God knows, there isn’t much of it out there. If you run a biker related online radio station that is at least 50% biker related and want to air Madhouse. Then just get ahold of us at


Many might of seen in the last two or so days Insane Throttle has been doing Morning News, Afternoon News, and Evening News. There hasn’t been that many editorials because we have been going more mainstream. Our focus is not merely motorcycle clubs anymore. The focus has shifted towards more of the independent biker. Though we will still print articles from other sources on Motorcycle Clubs. Insane Throttle will focus on establishing its independent following. This means we will no longer address motorcycle clubs in questions sent to us. This also means we will not be doing that kind of programming on our Youtube Channel. The Youtube channel will focus on more independent related issues in the biker lifestyle as well as live streaming Motorcycle Madhouse when we get to that point. 

Many may have noticed many videos coming down on Youtube. Once more, we are moving to a more independent platform. There are other sites and youtube channels that focus on clubs. But for the Throttle, it will be more mainstream content. One of our biggest projects over on Youtube will be not only Live Streaming Motorcycle Madhouse. But America the Brave. This new show will be all about interviewing those veterans who served in-country during this nations conflicts. I’m personally eager about the program because our vets have a story to tell and we have a younger generation who needs to hear it. 

Social Media Changes

When Insane Throttle first began. I really didn’t focus much on social media. It was more about getting the website out there and getting it’s RSS feed picked up by other news sites around the world. With that goal accomplished we will be working on our Social Media presence. Many of our social media will be renamed Insane Throttle- Motorcycle Madhouse. Again, with a more independent feel to it. Once again before we get hit with the emails. Clubs will be reported on through other news sources. We just won’t be doing editorials on them.

Doing an hour show on Madhouse involves about 6 hours of prep time. Everything from planning segments, mixing, and promotion takes up an enormous part of the day. There will be editorials from some of the freelancers you’ve all come to know. But as for me, my time will be spent preparing three shows of the madhouse each week. Right now the new studio is virtually complete and getting ready to see how three shows a week will perform. If everything goes well the Madhouse will go to a daily M-F format. Each show will be an hour for now. Again, if the Monday, Thursday and Saturday format goes well. Maybe this September we will switch to a Monday thru Friday format. So if you haven’t downloaded the spreaker app or followed the show on ITUNES or IHEART RADIO go on over and do so. 

What is a Patreon?

We’ve signed up through Patreon. It’s a website that enables Insane Throttle and Motorcycle Madhouse to take contributions from those who would like to be supporters of the projects we are doing. Without the support of our supporters, none of the content we put out could be possible.

For as low as $1.00 a month for Insane Throttle and $3.00 a month for America The Brave. You can become a monthly Patreon. Your contributions go toward keeping the programs going. Production, Editing, Travel and more are covered by the contributions of our supporters. So basically for a cup of coffee each month you’re helping keep the content going.

What else helps Insane Throttle and Motorcycle Madhouse is if you’re an Amazon Shopper. Simply click on our banner and we get a % of whatever you buy. It’s not much. But every little bit counts. The banner looks like the one below. You might have seen it on many of the articles we do.

With that. Any questions you might have you can PM Us on our Facebook Page. Again, thanks to all of you for making the Throttle and Madhouse a success. We look forward to bringing you more biker related content in the future.

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