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Member of Hells Angels denied entry into Australia :— The 6th Annual Fallen Hero Poker Run was held Saturday morning to honor a local hero.

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FAIRBORN — The 6th Annual Fallen Hero Poker Run was held Saturday morning to honor a local hero.
The Ohio chapter of the U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club held a memorial ride in honor of Fairborn Grad and army specialist Jesse Snow, who hoped to become a Fairborn Firefighter. Snow was killed in Afghanistan almost eight years ago.
“Initially we were in a state of shock and that feeling never goes away, you always feel bad,” said John Snow, Jesse’s father.
Over 300 bikes departed from the clubhouse located at 717 W. Xenia Drive, and Jesse’s father was at N. Broad Street and Xenia Drive saluting each rider as they departed.
“The community has been truly outstanding from the day Jesse died they supported his return home,” said Snow.
“It’s kind people, loving people that really help us get through the bad days,” he said.
This gesture is one that doesn’t go unnoticed.
“I was in the military for 24 years, I couldn’t even do the salute in front of a mirror for that long let alone be able to stand and say thank you to every biker that rides out there,” said Keith Tickle, Ohio chapter President of the U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club.
The goal of this ride was to raise money for a scholarship to put someone else through training to become a firefighter in Fairborn, something Jesse never got to do.
“Jesse had a dream and our mission is one of them is to stand by and never let Jesse’s dream die,” said Tickle.

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French bikie member of Hells Angels denied entry into Australia
A man who has been identified as a French Hells Angels motorcycle gang member has been denied entry into Australia. The Australian Border Force (ABF) officers stopped the 44-year-old bikie at Perth Airport on Saturday.
The man, who has arrived on a flight from Singapore, has also been established to have had links to Australian gang members in Sydney. His 601 Visitor Visa was cancelled under s116(1)(e)(i) of the Migration Act for apparently “presenting a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community, or a segment of the community.”
“These gangs pose a significant threat to our community and are known to be involved in serious criminal activity including drug trafficking and violent crime,” ABF Regional Commander for WA, Rod O’Donnell, said in a statement. “Any non-citizen involved with a criminal organisation such as a bikie gang can expect to be identified and targeted by the ABF, have their Australian visa cancelled and then be removed from the country.”
The man was removed from Australia on Aug. 19, Sunday, after being held in the Perth Immigration Detention Centre.
Earlier this month, a bikie involved in the 2013 Broadbeach bikie brawl has been deported to New Zealand. Jim David Thacker, who was part of the Bandidos motorcycle club, was arrested by border force officers and then kicked out of the country. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the government has discretionary powers to remove anyone considered as a “bad character” from the country. He had already cancelled the visas of 191 foreign-born bikies since last year.
In another bikie gang-related news, Former soldier Steven Utah has recently been granted a refugee status in Canada. Utah had been asked by the Australian Crime Commission to take part in a national operation against bikie gangs. He was recruited to pose as a Bandidos member, assisting authorities with their cases against the group. However, when he was outed as an informant in 2006, the ACC apparently failed to give him adequate protection despite him receiving death threats.
The Immigration and Refugee Board in Canada has agreed that Utah needed asylum from the gang.

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