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Documents on anti-biker probe stolen from homes of two prosecutors report:Hairy Biker reveals hangover blunder that nearly left him blind

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Montreal Gazette

Montreal La Presse is reporting that documents related to legal proceedings ensuing from a massive anti-biker investigation were stolen from the homes of two Crown prosecutors on the same day last week.

The media outlet says the documents were the only things taken from the residences.

The prosecutors are reportedly involved in the Objection investigation, which led to nearly 80 arrests last April and the dismantling of three alleged drug-trafficking networks.

La Presse said a thief or thieves targeted DVDs at a Montreal residence and a briefcase at another residence south of the city.

The stolen items reportedly include uncensored versions of documents disclosed to the defence as well as various digitalized documents. La Presse quoted sources as saying they doubt the thefts will jeopardize the legal proceedings.

Montreal and Longueuil police launched an investigation into the burglaries but it has since been transferred to Quebec provincial police because the thefts may be related. All three forces will work on the probe.

La Presse describes the Objection investigation as the biggest police strike against organized crime in Quebec since 2015 and the most important against biker gangs since 2009.

The head of the organization that oversees criminal prosecutions in Quebec said in a statement that employees in the legal system need to be able to work in a safe environment.

“The DPCP (the Crown) will not be intimidated in the accomplishment of its work,” said Annick Murphy.

“Our internal security team as well as our partners in the various police forces are doing everything possible to ensure the security of Crown prosecutors, who must be able to act in total independence without fear of reprisals.”

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Entertainment Daily

Hairy Biker Dave Myers has revealed how he could have lost his sight after mistaking the signs of glaucoma for a hangover.

The 61-year-old chef told Mirror Online he shrugged off concerns about the damaging eye condition during a routine appointment at the opticians seven years ago.

He believed he was suffering from vision problems after over-indulging the night before.

But thankfully his specialist ignored the biker’s scepticism and helped ensure Dave’s sight did not suffer with the condition which can cause blindness.

Dave explained: “I told her, ‘I don’t think so. I had a bit of a night last night. So I’ve probably just got a bad hangover.’

“But she took no notice and referred me to my GP who made a hospital appointment. And she’d been right.

“The first symptoms of glaucoma were setting in. I was devastated. If it hadn’t been spotted so early the result could have been catastrophic.”

Having feared it could end his TV career and passion for motorbikes, the star – who teams up with Si King as part of the Hairy Bikers telly duo – now urges people to avoid a similar diagnosis by having an annual eye check up and optician appointments every other year.

Calling glaucoma “the silent thief of sight”, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant added the tests are painless and he uses eyedrops every night.

The Hairy Bikers are currently filming in Canada – a trip Dave says would not have been possible if his glaucoma had continued.

Dave and Si were last seen on TV screens together earlier this year in BBC2’s Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure.

The pair met as production crew members in 1995 when they were both working on the set of TV drama The Gambling Man.

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