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I want out of drugs, into therapy, alleged Rock Machine leader says. “I’m not getting ahead. It isn’t working. I want to leave it all behind,”

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Paul Cherry, Montreal Gazette

A man alleged to be a leader in the Rock Machine said he wants out of the biker gang and figures his only way out is to undergo therapy for his addiction to heroin.

Mario Dubé, 52, tried to convince Quebec Court Judge Pierre Labelle of Friday to release him to a Montreal drug rehabilitation centre while he remains charged possessing a firearm and selling drugs out of an apartment in Pointe-aux-Trembles.

“I am tired of all this. I want to get out — of the drugs and the bikers — and the only way I can see is (through drug rehab),” Dubé said during his bail hearing at the Montreal courthouse. “I have done this biker thing for too long.

“I’m 52 and I’m not getting ahead. It isn’t working. I want to leave it all behind.”

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Defence lawyer Martin Latour asked Labelle to allow his client to reside at the drug rehabilitation centre “seven days a week, 24 hours a day” for the next 10 months so he can deal with his six-year addiction to heroin.

The attorney argued Dubé’s willingness to undergo therapy “serves as a counterweight to his (very long) criminal record.”

Summarizing evidence gathered by Montreal police, prosecutor Jean-François Roy said investigators received information that the “head representative for the Rock Machine” was selling drugs out of an apartment on 55th Ave.

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The Rock Machine was created during the 1990s, part of a group called The Alliance. The collection of organized crime groups fought the Hells Angels in a bloody turf war from 1994 to 2002 that resulted in more than 160 deaths.

By the end of the conflict, the original Rock Machine became chapters of the Bandidos, the only U.S.-based biker gang whose international membership compared to that of the Hells Angels two decades ago. The Rock Machine appeared to have been dead and buried until it resurfaced in Quebec several years ago.

Dubé said he has been involved in the biker-gang lifestyle since 1994 and his lengthy criminal record backs that up.

Roy said Montreal police linked Dubé to the biker gang after they verified the address where he was alleged to have sold drugs.

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When they ran the address through a provincial police database, they discovered that members of the Escouade nationale de répression contre le crime organisé (ENRCO) — a squad led by the Sûreté du Québec that specifically targets biker gangs — questioned Dubé after he attended “a Rock Machine party” in a small town outside Montreal near the end of December.

Dubé mentioned the apartment in Pointe-aux-Trembles as his residence when ENRCO officers questioned him.

Investigators also checked Dubé’s Facebook page and found selfies he had taken on the balcony of the apartment building.

He posed in a couple of photos wearing a combination of Rock Machine vests and a Boston Bruins hockey jersey.

On his Facebook page, Dubé lists his work as “Rock Machine MC.” When he was asked his occupation before he testified on Friday, he said he was “on welfare.”

On March 28, an undercover police officer managed to buy 31 meth pills from Dubé shortly after the investigation began.

On April 3, heavily armed members of a SWAT team arrested Dubé and police carried out a search warrant inside the apartment where they found small quantities of meth, cocaine, marijuana and a Ruger 357 handgun with its serial number removed.

They also found a shirt that says: “Rock Machine — New Order of Canada.”

Four of the seven charges Dubé faces are related to the handgun.

Labelle is to deliver his decision on Wednesday.


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