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Shreveport motorcycle club holds ‘Stop the Violence’ rally

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SHREVEPORT, La – Samuel Zeigler knows what it’s like to lose a loved one because of gun violence

He said he lost a cousin four years ago and that case is still unsolved.

“I’m not understanding why all this killing is going on in Shreveport,” Zeigler said. “It’s so small, for one.”

He wants the violence in Shreveport to stop.

“It’s just happening and there’s not consequence for it,” said Zeigler. “So, I’m upset.”

That’s why he came to Block Abuse’s Annual Stop the Violence rally.

“I got an eleven-year-old son that I brought out here to show that people can be together without violence,” explained Zeigler.

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Block Abuse is a motorcycle club spreading positivity in the community. At the rally, there was food, music, and lots of fun for the kids. Organizers said the purpose was to show young people that there are other options than violence.

“Letting them know there’s more than, you know, going out there, killing, selling drugs, just the non-sense things,” said the president of Block Abuse, Demikel Reed.

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Shreveport has seen quite a few acts of violence within the past year.

Fifty-nine homicides were reported last year. This year we’ve seen nine. Five were in the month of April.

Reed said he knows change won’t happen overnight, but having this rally is a start.

“We probably not going to be able to change everybody in Shreveport-Bossier, but as long as we can grab one, two, three, four kids, we did our part,” Reed said.


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