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Don’t Sacrifice Freedom for Piece of Mind

By James “Hollywood” Macecari Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

Don’t Sacrifice Freedom for Piece of Mind

That’s what we’re going to be talking about in this article. 

More than ever in this country’s history we find ourselves in danger of losing our identity as a people. 

Covid-19 is real, but is it a reason to give up our freedoms as Americans? 

Multiple states are now imposing extreme lock downs to stop the spread of the virus. So do they have a point? Should we listen to what they say and submit? 

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Let’s talk a little history and maybe that will lead to the answer to that question.

The following is from Wikipedia

The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus. Lasting from February 1918 to April 1920, it infected 500 million people – about a third of the world’s population at the time – in four successive waves. 

At no time did the United States call for massive lock downs like we are seeing today. 

I find it very interesting that one of the deadliest pandemics during a massive world war didn’t cause so much widespread panic. No, the United States stood tall and pushed through the epidemic. 

The people of this country were strong and resilient, something that is lacking in modern times. 

Is Covid-19 a threat to public safety?

 Yes, I believe so very much. But that doesn’t mean we close down all of our businesses, businesses that provide the bedrock for employing people all over this country.

Should people be taking more precautions to avoid spreading this virus?  Damn right they should be doing their part in stopping the spread. This includes washing hands, wearing a mask and stopping with the naysayer crap. This is real and it can kill you!

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It’s not hard to social distance or wear a mask, but some people think they know best.

If people would adhere to wearing masks around others and distance themselves we wouldn’t be risking our freedoms. It’s people who want to play Russian roulette that are giving these government officials the ammo to throw us into these lock downs. 

As of today’s video here in Illinois, we have 657k cases and have had 12,064 deaths or 1.8%. 

Yes, many of those deaths have been the elderly and pre existing conditions, but they also include normal healthy people. 

People will say the flu is deadlier than Covid 19.

The numbers do not prove this, not in Illinois anyways. Illinois averages over a season of 3,500, with the highest year being 4500. So far since March, we’ve had over 12 k deaths from Covid, the numbers don’t add up. These are the numbers from public health, tangible numbers which I know is a point of contention among lots of people. 

I use these numbers because I wanted to illustrate this is a problem people need to take seriously.

With that said, it doesn’t give the government the right to take our freedoms away, nor does it wipe out the Constitution as Judge Alito stated. 

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Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota trusted her citizens to do the right thing. She is one of the only governors that hasn’t instituted a lock down of any sort. 

The Fatality rate is 1.03 % , which has stayed steady since the beginning of this pandemic. This goes to show that citizens taking precautions can live without all these lock downs. South Dakota is open for business while other states are putting their citizens on house arrest. 

Illinois is a special kind of stupid. Even though September was at 3.02 %, it’s now down to 1.77 %. In other words, more cases and less percentage of death, so why close everything down again?

I believe this is a power play move, plain and simple.

People want the government to solve all their problems. People no longer have the spirit this country used to have.  We used to be a people of great pride and self resilience, it’s unfortunate that we lost sight of that. 

The American People have now placed their trust in a government that is corrupt and controlling. My opinion is we brought this unto ourselves . Anyone that is smart knows, don’t ever trust these people in power because power is the only thing these people really care about.

For far too long our society has become a nation of pansies. Americans used to take these kinds of challenges head on. What has happened to our society? Well, we’ve become a nation who believes everyone deserves a participation trophy. 

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We let ourselves be blindsided and submit to the cancel culture, not to mention depending on the government more and more in our daily lives.  We as a people have chosen security over freedom, something that might not ever be regained without a fight. 

Power corrupts, this is an undeniable fact of life. We the people have fed those power hungry politicians. When you look into the mirror, know that it was our inability to be self sufficient that let them into our lives. 

Will life ever go back to normal? No, I don’t think so. Society has given the keys to the golden city to those who wish to exert their authority over us. 

Until we take the power back we’ve given them, nothing will ever be normal again. It’s sad, but true. 

Right now we are on the cusp of this country being changed dramatically. Jan 5th we have two senate races in Georgia that will decide the direction of this country.  You will have the choice of living in a free society, or you will have the choice of living under a system you or I will not recognize as Americans. 

The question will be, how much do you really love this country? Will Georgia vote for Socialism or Democracy?

The importance of this upcoming election in Georgia is the break or make point in our country’s history. Will we continue to live as free people, or will we live in chains like so many people are doing right now during this lock down?

Why do you think the left wants gun control? It’s sure not because they want you to be able to fight back.  We have to look deep down in ourselves and want to be a free people. We have to cut the cord to the government before it’s too late.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but the fact of the matter is we’ve only seen the beginning of what’s to come. 

So what do you think about how the government is handling the Covid pandemic right now? Is giving up our freedoms worth the safety the government is saying it’s trying to accomplish?

Personally, I think we are walking a dangerous line right now, a line if we’re not careful can change the course of this country.  

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