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Drug trafficker caught in Sudbury sent to pen

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Harold Carmichael

It took more than a year, but a southern Ontario man who pleaded guilty in March 2020 to four of his 44 charges arising from a province-wide police initiative that targeted biker gangs and drug trafficking in three Ontario communities has finally been sentenced.

Keith Earle, 33, and a father of five, and in custody at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre, received an eight-year jail sentence from Ontario Court Justice Randall Lalande. As Earle received pre-custody credit of 1,171 days, he will have 1,749 days or just over four-and-a-half years – a penitentiary term – left to serve.

Lalande also issued a DNA order and a lifetime weapons ban.

Back on March 24 of 2020, Earle – who was charged in August 2019 as part of Project Skylark – pleaded guilty to methamphetamine trafficking, cocaine trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime over $5,000, and human trafficking.

Earle was released from custody pending sentencing, which was to take place in September of that year. A Gladue report, which assists a judge with sentencing options for people of First Nation heritage, was also ordered by Earle’s lawyer, Denis Michel.

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