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Police and troopers investigate a shooting involving the Knights of Sin Motorcycle Club.

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CONCORD, NH — Concord police and New Hampshire State Police troopers investigated a biker fight that reportedly led to a shooting in Downtown Concord on Sunday.

Around 1:30 p.m., police began receiving calls of a fight in progress outside of 4 Park St. near the Statehouse. Later, callers reported hearing gunfire. Officers arrived a few moments later and began investigating.

Officers were told the fight occurred between bikers with at least one of them firing shots. A witness reported one person injured during the incident, while another confirmed a biker was involved in the shooting, using a handgun. Several bikers then left the scene.

Police closed off part of North Main Street as well as Park Street, began checking license plates while speaking with witnesses. An officer was seen checking the area for shells and evidence.

A witness, who was a state employee, reported seeing a black and orange Harley-Davidson with a man driving it wearing sunglasses and a black cap on backward, dispatch said. Another biker was riding a black Harley-Davidson, wearing all black and a helmet. Another witness reported one of the bikes had a Massachusetts license plate.

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