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Investigators raided two Hells Angels motorcycle clubhouses

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WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — Investigators raided two Hells Angels motorcycle clubhouses in Westport on Thursday, Target 12 has learned.

Multiple marked and unmarked vehicles were spotted outside an American Legion Highway property on Thursday, with some investigators wearing black jackets with “state police” marked on their backs. The clubhouse has a sign out front that reads “Hells Angels MC Cape Cod,” (MC stands for motorcycle club). Target 12 has confirmed a second location used by the motorcycle club was also raided on American Legion Highway.

Target 12 also has learned the early morning raid is part of a larger law enforcement operation at multiple motorcycle clubhouses throughout Massachusetts. The Hells Angels clubhouses in Lynn and Danvers were also raided Thursday.

FBI spokesperson Kristen Setera said investigators were conducting “court-authorized activity in connection with an ongoing federal investigation.”


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