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Four people who laundered money for Hells Angels lose appeal ordered to report to prison

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All four — Richard Felx, 64, a notary, Michel Ste-Marie, 77, and his children Dax, 46, and Marie Ste-Marie, 49 — were first charged in 2009 in Operation Diligence, an investigation led by the Sûreté du Québec, into how members of the Hells Angels based in Quebec had infiltrated specific segments of the province’s construction industry.

As part of the same investigation, Felx and the others were found to have helped Normand (Casper) Ouimet, Martin Robert and Alain Durand and four other full-patch members of the biker gang’s chapter in Trois-Rivières hide their money.

Felx’s alleged role was to create trusts and an offshore company in Mauritius, where he was able to send his clients’ money.

Ste-Marie and his children had a company that specialized in credit recovery, and they are alleged to have helped the Hells Angels move their money around and into offshore bank accounts based in Mauritius. They charged a 10 per cent commission on their transactions.

After they were convicted in 2016, Felx and the others were sentenced to prison terms of between 42 and 66 months.

They managed to avoid having to serve time behind bars because they appealed the convictions. Their appeals went through a very lengthy and complicated process. Initially, the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled it took too long for the Crown to prosecute the case and ordered a stay of proceedings on all charges.


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