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‘Mongols tried to run my family off the road’

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A former insider with the Mongols says he decided to turn against his former comrades after a group of gang bikies led by national vice president Hone Ronaki attempted to run his family off the road.

Nine senior members of the gang, including Ronaki, are standing trial in the High Court in Hamilton on a raft of drugs and weapons charges.

Following a covert surveillance operation, police arrested the entire senior hierarchy of the gang in June 2020. At the time the police said a gang war was brewing in the Bay of Plenty region, with numerous groups battling for the lion’s share of the drug market there.

Among those also on trial is the Mongols’ national president, Jim David Thacker, also known as JD; sergeant-at-arms Leon “Wolf” Huritu; Jason “666” Ross; Kelly “Rhino” Petrowski; Matthew Ramsden; Kane Ronaki; Te Reneti Tarau; and another man who has interim name suppression.


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