Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem

Motorcycle Madhouse Episode 840 WOMEN USE THESE MOVES TO GET A MAN


Do you wonder why some women always have hot, smart, adorable boyfriends while others stay single? Those lucky ladies aren’t the prettiest or smartest women we know. But they do have a certain something that attracts men.
00:00 Introduction to the show
03:06 You have to get prepared early
04:16 THis is what a party is about
08:53 You’re an asnine
15:34 Chinadoll is always interrupted
20:17 What does chinadoll consider a hot woman
28:38 Chinadoll doesn’t want to have any regrets
35:30 Keep stuff to the imaginations
44:30 You have to be careful in a bar
50:30 Expose them I say

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