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Redrum Motorcycle Club is the world’s most significant indigenous motorcycle club

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Redrum Motorcycle Club, not to be confused with the movie The Shining’s Redrum, is the world’s most significant indigenous motorcycle club.

 Cliff Matias, a native New Yorker, created the club in 2006. He wanted to create a club that would focus on brotherhood, motorcycling, community, respect, responsibility, and supporting family. 

Spanning across eight countries, Redrum MC is the Warrior for the people. “I love what Redrum stands for and who we are. I love helping our people, and our tribal communities. It’s a match made in heaven,” said Waylon Marvin, president of the Great Basin Chapter in Northern Nevada. 

By recognizing indigenous society and embracing the traditions of our elders, Redrum MC has helped tribal communities across the US with fundraisers for American Indian Veterans and scholarships for young American Indian youths, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The line 3 pipeline, abusive residential schools, Oak Flat Copper Mine. 


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