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It’s no surprise the ATF is up to it’s neck in “stench” when it comes to the Mongols Motorcycle Club

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

SA Ciccone was asked about the timeframe of his contacts with Lil Dave. SA Ciccone stated that his contacts with Lil Dave would have ended in approximately 2013 or 2015. During this time, SA Ciccone was either involved in a trial or an appeal of a Mongols investigation. SA Ciccone stated that around this time, he was asked by the United States Attorney’s Office to cease all communication with Lil Dave. SA Ciccone stated that the directive was followed, and that his contacts with Lil Dave ceased.” (See Exhibit 17). However, the testimony of Ciccone, Lil Dave, Stubbs, and Robert Rodriquez bare out that those contacts did not cease and continued the entire time the trial was going on, the appeals were pending, and anytime there was a Club event. Even the prosecutors knew that what was going on was improper”

Keep the above quote from United States v Mongols Motorcycle Club in mind as we go through this subject.


Who are According to their website about us section, “ is a non-profit organization dedicated to returning integrity, accountability and decency to the management of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE or “ATF”).”

Things over at the ATF have to be pretty damned bad when a non-profit organization is formed to help root out corruption at a federal law enforcement agency.

Corruption at the ATF

I like to borrow a statement from the closing arguments from the Mongols Motion to Vacate Hearing.

“It would be nice to be able to trust and believe in the Government in this case. However, this is an adventure brought to us by the ATF. These are the same folks that brought you the Randy Weaver shoot-out, the Fast and the Furious escapade, the “Stash House” cases, and the Dobyns v. US case (where the ATF was found to be a corrupt organization and guilty of attempting to kill one of their own agents and burn down his house, putting his family at risk). Many of the various ATF agents involved in the Stash House cases, the Dobyns v. US controversies, testified in the case that brings us here today.”

In the last 30 years we’ve seen the ATF in action, most notably the cases in the above paragraph. It’s no secret among many federal law enforcement agencies the ATF is the home of rejects. Basically, those who couldn’t get a job at the FBI or secret service. I would put the DEA in the same category as the ATF by the way.

It’s no surprise the ATF is up to it’s neck in stench when it comes to the Mongols Motorcycle Club . The Special Agent right smack dab in the middle is John Ciccone. During the motion to vacate, it was his special relationship with David “Lil Dave” Santillan that led to the Mongols to file a motion to vacate.

It was also John Ciccone that had a working relationship with Montebello police Sgt. Chris Cervantes. It’s alleged in a suit filed by former Mongols, Chris Cervantes was lying in regards to a shooting, “The Suit says a key element of the racketeering indictment rested on false testimony from Montebello police Sgt. Chris Cervantes. Cavazos claims Cervantes lied about a shooting he witnessed in the parking lot of Nicola’s – a Commerce topless bar – in April 2007.” Source Whitter Daily News .

Chris Cervantes is the retired Montebello Police Officer that was seen having a beer with Lil Dave. I have to ask the question, ‘Why would someone club or not, want to have a beer with someone who was trying to bust him for all those years? Furthermore, why would he have a beer with someone that took down dozens of his fellow so-called brothers in Operation Black Rain?” This was the same Chris Cervantes that was arrested and put on leave after a DUI Crash. Source Montebello police lieutenant arrested for DUI, placed on leave after traffic crash

Would the ATF and John Ciccone refuse a judges directive?

It is stated by some that in the Dobyns investigation into the Hells Angels MC, “bosses defied the disclosure rules and held back material because it would reveal Dobyns’s lack of credibility.” Source Fast and Furious, and Fabricant. What that basically says is the ATF will ignore the law if it means they can win.

The ATF in past cases would defy a judges order to release information regarding a potential informant or other important evidence which could help the defendants. Think about that for a moment, a former ATF agent admitted in the case of US v Dobyns that the ATF was corrupt. This of course when Dobyns had to finally sue the ATF because of his mistreatment. His mistreatment by the agency was because he became a whistleblower.

US v Dobyns found that the ATF refused to release information, after a judge ordered to do so. Is it not surprising they would withhold lil Dave cooperation? This was actually the argument the prosecution used in their closing. They claimed all these law enforcement agencies searched and searched for paperwork, but none was found. It isn’t a leap of faith , if the ATF doesn’t want you to know, you’re not going to know. This includes Judge Carter, even though he ordered a review of all records.

What did Judge Carter Say?

The allegation against David “Lil’ Dave” Santillan “has a stench to it,” said U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, Source Law and Crime . The motion to vacate was based on governmental misconduct. This is the point very few are aware of. You cannot have the government overseeing a person who leads the defense. “Well the judge said there was no evidence to support the claim.”

The evidence is clear cut, the video speaks for itself, no matter which way it’s spun. Judge Carter himself couldn’t explain the video, which is obvious when he said the relationship between Lil Dave and Ciccone, “has a stench to it.” The final ruling has yet to be made public, but it will be interesting to read when it does come out.

Ciccone said Santillan may have worked as an informant for other agents

Many do not know there was a sealed document in a case where Ciccone said the following, Ciccone said Santillan may have worked as an informant for other agents. Source Law and Crime During his testimony on this matter Ciccone stated , “it was a precaution and didn’t know for sure if he was.” Basic Cover Your Ass speak, even the judge was confused by his answer.

ATF Corruption, Lil Dave, Cervantes Oh My!

There is no doubt of the extent the ATF is willing to go to win. The corruption cases they’ve been involved with transcends all types of cases. But their blood thirsty lust to get at the Mongols MC should be concerning to all. There have been case after case where John Ciccone and Cervantes were at the center of each one. Is it just coincidence these cops where at the center of these controversies? Or is there something more to the story?

I will be interviewing Stephen Stubbs, one of the witnesses called in the Motion to Vacate. He served as general counsel for the Mongols during the Patch Case. We will hear more from him on all these questions and statements I just posed. The link for the show is below. It goes Live on October 26th at 7pmcst. You can also see the replay if you don’t catch it live. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube Channel for your daily biker news.

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