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Florida Keys police arrest two Pagan’s motorcycle gang members

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Two people suspected of being members of a well-known motorcycle gang remain in Florida Keys jail following separate arrests late last week, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Both arrests happened on Thursday, Feb. 9, and deputies say both people are members of the Pagan’s motorcycle gang, an outlaw motorcycle club that originated in the Mid-Atlantic in the ‘50s, but which began laying down roots in South Florida and the Keys in the 1990s. The club spells its name as Pagan’s, with the apostrophe, instead of “Pagans.”

Monroe deputies have made several high-profile arrests of Pagan’s members over the past several years on drugs and weapons charges. “Anyone who comes to the Florida Keys and commits crimes will be on my radar,” Sheriff Rick Ramsay said in a statement Tuesday. “I am committed to the safety of this community.”


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