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Sons of Anarchy-Good for the Biker Image or Not?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Sons of Anarchy show since the first season. The show reminds me of the stories I heard from many old timers how the clubs were in the 1960’s and 70’s with the exception of women having so much influence on the clubs. Sons of Anarchy has brought some really good old school values to the viewership. Honor,Brotherhood,Suffering as a club together. The relationships between the characters embody some of the lifestyle we hold dear. 

On the other hand though the show depicts biker clubs in a light that isn’t true at all. Yes some of the clubs out there engage in illegal activity. I doubt none to the extent the show portrays. If you really think about it if clubs did what the show portrays you would see a totally different underworld if bikers ran things. Think about this. What if all the major big four motorcycle clubs joined forces? Now that would be a hell of a sight. I would expect then you would see some of the things that are happening in the Sons of Anarchy happening in real life.

The show has brought a lot of attention to the lifestyle. Some good and some bad. The good is many more people are going out and starting to enjoy the lifestyle. It’s this writers hope that the new jacks coming in will learn the right way of acting. Brotherhood is something that is earned first and foremost. Don’t go out there calling everyone Brother! Don’t throw the word around like it’s nothing. Get to now people. Yea many people ride sleds but that doesn’t mean you take long showers with them like Clint Eastwood would say. 9 times out of 10 that person you were calling brother turns out to be an idiot. Learn how to work on your machine. The dealership isn’t in the middle of no where when you break down. 

As for the show Sons of Anarchy. Yes it’s very entertaining but it is a show. Don’t go out there expecting that everyone you meet is like Jax or Clay. I would suggest not going out there acting like them either. You do that your bound to get a good ass whooping. The biggest thing you don’t want to do is go out and start a club with your buddies. Their is rules on the street about starting up clubs. Go to some parties and get to know the clubs before going out on your own. The club scene is an awesome place if you know the rules and the ones in charge. I often laugh at those I see wearing the Sons of Anarchy shirts. To a clubber your wearing a 3 piece patch from California. Guys in clubs look at it and might think its whatever. But get one of those old school bikers who are in a club and they might not think it’s so cute. Honestly I cannot believe that the show would release that kind of merchandise. They have to know that some people would not look at the shirts all that well.

So what do you think? Has the Sons of Anarchy been a good thing for our lifestyle or no?

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  1. I can’t beleive how many idiots think because it’s a show, they can wear the SOA rockers, get there arms ,legs, & backs inked w/SOA shit. these clowns are gonna get hurt doing this. it don’t have to be a MC club that will hurt them, you have bloods ,crips, chinese, mexican Gangs that would take them out. if i seen one of these clowns gettin harassed, i’m not going against my Club


  2. anyone who would where SOA ink is a fool unless they are a walking nightmare badass and they would never where made up toughguy ink anyway! Regarding the 3 pcs rocker a t shirt isn’t a vest but i grew up in the 60’s in clubland i never heard about the rule of three until sons came out but i won’t buy one don’t any shit.


  3. Crazy how this came up when I was watching a rerun of the show out of boredom and thinking the same thing! I know what is what in this situation and you will end up one day reading how some young guy was hurt over either the vest or the ink or the T. It will be sad because again for them this is a show and for many this is a life style!


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