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Would you want to be the 1%ers or 99%er of the biker world? (Not talking about Occupy Wall street either)

Outlaw Bikers often referred to as 1%er live outside societies rules and regulations. These individuals want to choose their own path in life without having to answer to anyone. You see the lifestyle portrayed in the show Sons Of Anarchy on FX. Gun running, drug dealing biker gangs that rule the town in which they stay. Is that the true 1%er depicted on the T.V? To some extent individuals who choose the 1% lifestyle involve themselves in that activity. Others in the lifestyle choose to where that 1%er patch because they hare the hardcore of the hardcore. Personally I do not believe in order to be a Outlaw Biker one has to be apart of a club that is designated an Outlaw Club. I know many a good brothers that are just as hardcore then some in the club scene but choose to ride on their own.

Many a hardcore Peckerwoods and Latino’s in the joint are fierce and loyal to the path that they have chosen. Instead of being in the club scene they choose to enjoy the lifestyle and tag of being an Outlaw Biker without the fan fare of the patch. Those who do ride in the club scene are no less then those individuals who choose not to join club life. Many times these patch holders are put through the ringer in the form of prospecting and probationary periods in which they have to prove they have what it takes to be apart of the club. During this process dedication and loyalty are the key and it isn’t for the faint of heart. I do need to add that regardless of whats portrayed on t.v most of these individuals have regular full time jobs and family to take care of at home. When their responsibilities are taken care of they choose to live the lifestyle to the fullest.

Then their is the 99%ers. This is what category most will fall into. They want to ride their scooters and enjoy the lifestyle but see no need to take it to the extreme. Nothing is wrong with this either as long as your not being a fake about who you are. Many times I’ve seen some guys walking into a bar and cause shit because they are on bikes and sporting leathers. Most of the time people see who they truly are because they are getting the shit kicked out of them. They are put in their place. If your not a fighter don’t try and be that tough guy. Do you and no one else.

99%ers are a very important group within the biker culture. They help in all types of organizations like ABATE or Toys for Tots as well as hundreds of different causes across the wold. It is said the Bikers are the most giving and understanding group of hard working folks out there. I tend to agree with that statement.

So what type of biker are you? Comments are welcome and encouraged. What is your vision on a 1%er or 99 %er?

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