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Now what does all the wannabee bikers have to do with the ending of SOA.

What’s up all? Back from the dead writing all over again. It’s been awhile since my last post. Guess I caught the writers block. Or maybe I’ve been too dam busy to sit and write to all you jackasses lol. Well I’m back and it’s time to get back to business. So as everyone knows Sons of Anarchy had it’s last episode this past December. Kurt Sutter did a fairly decent job ending the series. He took care of most of the plot points that needed to be taken care of. He also gave fans a little hope for the future as far as Jax’s kid finding his way back to the crew. Of course we have to be introduced to the “First 9” which hopefully will take on the form of a serious instead of a “Mini-Series”. Oh yea Sutter!! Enough with trying to tell the story in video game format. ITS GAY! Enough already with the video games. It sucks! Your ruining something good don’t you know.

Anyways while I was a fan of the show. Something must be addressed about it. Now I’m sure everyone out there has seen these idiots riding around with the Sons of Anarchy patch thinking they are actually apart of the club. NEWS BREAK Jackasses its a dam show. The club don’t exist in real life!!! The world of Outlaw Bikers as well as true bikers laugh at your dumb asses. Personally you deserve an ass whooping wearing that garbage around. A patch is something that is earned and cannot be bought. What don’t you get silly morons? Those in clubs put a lot of time in. Lots of blood,sweat and tears goes into earing a patch. You wonder why your a loser? Because you don’t have the balls to go through the process of getting a patch. Oh yea I did say balls correct? Clubs are a mans world ladies. No matter how butch you try to act no respecting club would allow a broad to wear a 3 piece patch. Oh no I’m not being politically correct. Let me spell it out for you. Any club that allows women to wear a 3 piece patch is in my eyes a joke!!

Patches or “Cuts” are again something to be taken very serious. It’s your commitment to the Brotherhood. It’s your family, your life 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Now a days this lifestyle has been corrupted by a hell of a lot of yuppies and weekend warriors. Of course the motor company hasn’t helped the cause of old scooter tramps with their marketing techniques to the masses. They portray the lifestyle as “Freedom”. What the hell do all this yuppies and wannabees know about freedom? They work their 9-5 jobs Monday thru Friday and then decide “If the weather is good” to jump on a bike and say they are BIKERS. Hell no I say!! News Update Jackasses!! Most scooter tramps paid the price of the lifestyle long ago. Again Blood,Sweat and Tears baby!! Factory workers,coal miners,steel workers,auto workers etc. Men who worked their asses off. 1%ers who fought the fuzz at every corner of the game. Then BOOM!!! The 1990’s come along and middle age men in crises want to rebel. That was the start of the downword spiril.

I remember the 90’s well. That’s when the dam yuppies started buying up all of our bikes from the factory and you had to be put on a waiting list for a dam bike. Not to mention paying out your ass on a sled because all these morons wanted to play biker. The 90’s were also the time when all these GIRLIE clubs started popping up. I remember riding down Mannheim Road in Melrose Park and had to do a double take because I seen a broad wearing a 3 piece patch. First thing that popped in my head “The sky is fucking falling, I’ve seen it all”. Another thing I never got about these women with patches was “How the Hell are you going to stand up to another club wanting to jerk your shit off your back?” It’s a good question don’t you think? Stay in the kitchen ladies!! Oh wait it’s dam hard to find one now a days who knows how to fucking cook.

The moral of this drawn out rant is that a point has to be made. Don’t go crying to the fuzz when you or your ol lady gets knocked the hell out. That Sons of Anarchy patch don’t make you tough wannabees. Jax Teller won’t becoming to your rescue after a real club member knocks the shit out of you for being stupid.Being a Biker is a hell of alot more then putting a patch on. For one it takes Honor. Takes you knowing how much your word really means. Dedication to your lifestyle. A biker isn’t all about being a 1%er either. Some of the best scooter tramps I know don’t wear a patch. But they know the rules of the game and live up to those rules. You first have to be a “Man” with honor,loyalty and respect. You have to ride your scooter even though it’s raining. The lifestyle isn’t a weekend sport you jackasses. It’s something scooter tramps breathe and live with every passing breath. Show some true respect to those who put up with societies bullshit. They paved the way for you. Not Harley Davidson. Shit Harley isn’t even a true American Bike anymore. Honda is more American then Harley now adays. It isn’t the bike you ride either. I’ve seen some old school tramps riding around on Honda’s nowadays because you yuppie rubs got the prices jacked sky high. So when your mouthing some stupid shit under your breath to someone riding a Honda or Yamaha or whatever and get your teeth kicked in you know why. The man makes the lifestyle not your pathetic vision of what a biker is.

So in closing. What are all you wannabees going to do without Sons of Anarchy? Maybe the lifestyle will get back somewhat to normal. Maybe we tramps won’t have to see a bunch of idiots running around acting a fool. My true hope is the “Biker Fad” will fade and it will be left to the true tramps who deserve it. The ones who live and breathe the lifestyle as it should be. Maybe we will see all those fucking LEO clubs disband. Yea I know wishful thinking. The son of a bitches are always on a power trip. I always wondered why the hell cops would try to act like us. Maybe because they have to make up for having small dicks, maybe they have to play the part for their ol lady because she knows her man is a cop and has no balls. Who knows. But dam this lifestyle is going to the pigs lol. See ya next week Jackasses


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  1. Honor? You wouldn’t know honor if it blew a load in your mouth – even though the way you talk lt seems you would love it. You sound like a fag with the IQ of a monkey. You think because you can make a few idiotic kiddie insults (jackass, ball sweat, etc) over the internet you’re a tough guy? You are not. You are pussy Here is a news flash skippy..most bikers i have come across are about as tough as a pair of diapers and smell worse. The vast majority are crybaby pussies unless the are in a large group or are armed. They get smacked in the mouth and start crying for help or pull a gun. BUT when they come up on the wrong end of a gun, then the folks that put them down are “wannabe’s” or rubs” or cowards. You have no business talking shit about anybody considering you come across like a whiny asshole. As if any body even cared what you have to say about anything. BTW ass-wipe, Although not all M/C’s or members are into criminal activity, the vast majority are as are the majority of members. The larger ones like the angles, pagans and outlaws are way into crime and bigtime into drugs and the protection rackets as well as stolen parts. It aint just a few low level members, that’s as big a pile of shit as I have ever heard. You can spew lies all you want and come up with any fantasy you want but that does not make it so although it is good for a laugh. While most clubs do not want members that USE drugs (even though most do) because a junkie is a liability and will rat (like most of you clowns do when caught) that does not mean most of the more well known clubs are not into criminal activity Your crybaby woe-is-me, nobody loves me rant is pathetic. If you had “honor” you would be honest about whats what. All I hear is the some whiny propaganda about how you’re so misunderstood and being picked on..


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