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Praise the Lord. Christian Motorcycle Clubs

I know , I Know already. No bible thumpers what the fuck? We like pussy,beer and bikes. But hey the biker lifestyle is a hell of a lot more then just that. Bikers are some of the best people around. No Shit you say right? Well I wanted to take some time to recognize some of those organizations who do so much for our lifestyle.So if you jackasses have the time why don’t you get your cocks out of your hands and learn something.

What is unique about our lifestyle compared to most others is you will find Outlaws, Blue and White Collar Workers,Christians,Black,White,Hispanic riders and more. But one thing that binds all those groups is a love for riding. Ok cum sticks it doesn’t mean you need to ride a Harley to be in the lifestyle. Contrary to all the Rubs out there many old scooter tramps like myself started on other sleds other then Harley. So we got that fact straight so now we can get down to business.

Two Christian Riders organizations that stands out is Bikers for Christ and Christian Motorcycle Association. Still with me ass flaps? Most would be interested to know that many in groups like these are ex outlaws, ex patch holders. So these are not the Bible Thumper’s you may be thinking of. These are men and women who have lived in the lifestyle who rode hard and partied hard. Yea I know dipshit’s that’s what most of us do while we are in the lifestyle,but what is unique is these brothers and sisters came to know the ultimate outlaw “Jesus Christ”. Now there is a dude who showed us all how to rebel and stand for something.

Bikers for Christ-  

I love their mission statement- “Some wish to live within the sound of a church or chapel bells, we want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell”.

Fuck yea. Now that is a statement that anyone can relate too. What I think steers scooter tramps away from the man up stairs is these tight wad judgemental ass bubbles who think they are better then everyone. Shit while at the same time fucking Mr.Perfects wife in the ass when he’s out working in his pretty little tie. Talk about hypocrites.

Bikers For Christ and CMA  give us scooter tramps a place to be where we fit in. Shit it’s always nice to be somewhere when you have something in common with others right? Shit I have no problem worshipping the man upstairs with some good ol scooter tramps and sisters then hit the road and tear up some asphalt.  And lets talk about the character of these organizations and those like it. Most are some of the most people I’ve ever met. Let me tell you vagina drops, their action speak louder then words.

I know first hand just how good the organization is. My father was apart of this group. Yea the story goes he was an alcoholic hard partying asshole that changed his ways towards the end of his life. He decided to go over to the ol man upstairs side of the fence. Well about a month after joining them he died. I wasn’t able to attend the funeral but spoke to his chapter president. I asked that chapter to give him a good old scooter tramp send off and boy did they. They buried my old man in the ways us old scooter tramps do it. THEY Buried him and not some dumb shit graveyard worker. From that day on they earned my respect as a club and men. They walked the walk. They were true biker tramps and deserved the up most respect.

Another organization out there is CMA or Christian Motorcycle Association

This organization has been around for a really long time. It brings all kinds of riders together no matter what your status is in society.  What one of my favorite things about this organization. They have a Prison ministry. That alone says alot about the organization. Not many out there give a rat’s ass about those locked up behind the walls. This organization does. Kuddos because most people dont care about those who fell out of society.

One of the main things I like writing about and you will always hear is to be “True to who you are,not to who you are not”. Everyone is different in this lifestyle. There really is a place for everyone in this lifestyle. No need to be someone you are not when you have these many choices. It don’t take a patch to be a biker. You can be a Christian, Jew or whatever and still have a place.

Next article will  be about our favorite LEO Clubs: Yea I know a bunch of droopy titties. No one likes them lol. I’m out of here dick ticks. Every Monday and Friday come back for more articles on the lifestyle. Visit us on Twitter@topfuelabd to stay up to date on future articles. 1511738_10201469394678578_348431892_n Thanks to the chapter in North Mississippi of Bikers of Christ MM


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