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How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 1

Hey blow dicks hope all you have been doing well this week. I decided for this article to give some basic advice on how to start an M/C and what the Confederation of Clubs are all about. Personally I feel enough clubs already exist all over the country and if you and your fellow dick jerkers want to start one then your probably a fuck nut who don’t want to earn the rags but rather buy them. To each his own I guess, but I can bet you a million bucks that you will feel more accomplished going through the process of prospecting and earning the patch the right way then just buying the dam things. With that said I wanted to give you all dick eaters a way to do it the right way. What ever you all do stay away from getting a charter from them ass pumpers Iron Order. Yes they might look like a good route to go, let me assure you in the end the rags they have are not even worth the toilet paper to wipe your ass with. See they like to fill the ranks with child molesters and rats. Two things that should never be apart of any M/C.

So lets get started class. You are sitting there with your butt buddies drinking and playing with each others balls around a fire dreaming of being Billy Bad Ass. After All you are all decked out in your Sons of Anarchy shirts and each one of you wishing you were Jax Teller. So as the night goes along you and the rest of your ball hairs are throwing around names of what the club can be called. You sit there trying to come up with the most intimidating name you can. After you fags come up with your name now is the time to come up with a design and half ass bylaws. By morning you all have agreed to form the Wrinkle Balls M/C and want to run out to the nearest store to have your patches made up. Let’s stop all your wet dreams of becoming Jax Teller for a second and let me get you on the right path before the Wrinkle Balls M/C gets castrated by the local 1% club for being a bunch of dumb shits.

If you and your buddies are just dead set on starting a club then let’s get you on the right path. Most Monkey Cocks who just start riding don’t understand the importance of protocol. See way back when you were a little baby sucking on your mommies tit, scooter tramps were fighting for your rights to ride sleds and put on patches. The old timers went through hell. They were considered to be a scourged in society and the pigs just loved screwing with them. The lifestyle they belonged too was hard fought. Both in blood and in time. So everyone wonders why if you don’t do the process the right way why your little Wrinkle Balls M/C is screwed with. This is the exact reason why your screwed with. Blood and time in the joint can make some old scooter tramps as well as current ones a bit upset with new clubs just doing what they want to do.

You will hear a lot about how “This is a free country” and why should I have to ask permission? Well sweet dick you can do it the right way, join a faggot LEMC or get your pretty teeth kicked in. Really only 3 choices to choose from. Can’t get no more democracy then that. So with those in mind you decide to do the right thing and want to ask your local dominate club how to go about getting your shit up and going. Stop right there in your tracks monkey cum. Before you even get to that step you want to get to know your local 1%er club. You need to get to know the members of that club by becoming a supporter. I can tell you that the 1%er club sure the hell won’t give you a sanctioned club if they don’t know you.

So let’s suppose you followed the protocol and started supporting your local 1% club. Hopefully by doing this you seen the errors of your ways, deciding instead to join one of the many other sanctioned clubs that you would’ve been exposed too supporting your local 1% club. If you still chose not to get involved with one of the many other clubs then whats the next step? That dick turds will be discussed in the next blog post “How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 2”.

I’ve decided to run a 3 part blog series on this subject in the hopes of steering people in the right direction. My hopes are that any of you seriously thinking about starting something up on your own will do it the right way. Doing things the right way will get your club off too a good start. You never want to be labeled like an Iron Order for example. You don’t ever want to be perceived as a LEMC. For those who don’t know what that stands for its “Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club”. Those are the worse of the worse clubs around. They try bullshitting potential recruits into thinking they are a sanctioned M/C, when in reality they are just a bunch of Pigs trying to play bad ass. They have scammed a lot of otherwise good people into thinking they are the real deal. So run if you ever have one of them come up to you. No one ever wants to be called a rat. This coming Monday April 27th Part 2 will be out. Until then follow on Twitter @Topfuelabd

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