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Weekend Tough Guys LOL

So dick nuts time to piss more of you off this week. Been loving reading all the pig hate mail. Some of you patched LEO club members are quite the funny thing to read. But time to move on from bashing you wannabee cop clubs to something even more funny. While looking for material for the next blog I came across this video on you tube. Wannabee Brad Click on the link and watch this shit lmao. Kind of reminds me of those in Iron Order and the Punishers. A bunch of pussy drips riding weekend warrior duty for the local oink movement. Shit yea said I wouldn’t bash on the dumb shits so I will try and hold off on that.

Now in the video this dude said he found himself at the Harley shop. Wow took a long time for the balls to drop I guess. Not only is this dude funny. But he is dangerous at the same time. These are the morons (Except cops and there fake ass clubs )that go jump on a bike and wonder why they are lying on the side of the road. I’m surprised he made it the 4 miles home without getting killed. By the way don’t he look so cute in that new leather the dealer sold him? Fag nugget lol.

Shit I think Harley should be held responsible putting all kinds of shit in his head if he goes out there and gets killed on the dam scooter. At least they could’ve of done was give him the directions to the nearest bike class.

Now I have no ill will towards anyone who truly wants to get in the lifestyle. I really don’t. But the first thing people need to learn is be for real. If your not a tough guy then your not a tough guy. If your only in it for the wind that’s cool too. If your a pig cop then be a pig cop true to who you are. But the biggest thing to remember is don’t be someone who you are not. For one if you role up on someone real you might just get the hell knocked out of you. Going into bars and getting stupid drunk and hopping on your scooter isn’t a biker. Especially if your a dam new jack. Don’t take the chance of killing yourself being someone your not.

Don’t feed into all the hype that Harley tries pushing on you. For one I wouldn’t put much stock in what they say anyway especially since they are subject to a hostile takeover as I write. See they moved away from the blue collar worker and hard cores in the lifestyle so they are reeping what they are sowing. That’s another post though. Harley is nothing but a big marketing firm now. They do not put out quality products like they use too. They are just there to push the clothing and bike add ons too you. Shit they make more money on that crap then they do on the bikes themselves.So don’t feed into the bs with them. They are no longer the number 1 American Made Bike anymore.

So before you go out there and make a fool out of yourself. Be real with who you are and dont act like something your not. See ya next week





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