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Don’t Feds have something better to do then screw with Bikers?

It’s a very legit question referring to the title of this post. Don’t the Feds have rag heads or goat humpers to chase? Why even waste the taxpayers dime going after innocent clubs? Yes it’s Motorcycle Clubs for all you pee brained butt plugs who run around praising Jax from the Sons of Anarchy. You dip licks wouldn’t know a real club if a member was standing right in front of you. Even worse you cunt fucks would think a dick licker from Iron Order was a real club. Not only does the club make up consist of mostly LEOS, they operate by selling patches over the internet. How the hell is that brotherhood getting patches over the internet? That’s brotherhood now a days?

A REAL Club is going to be free of cops for one. Who the hell wants to be a brother with a dude who Monday thru Friday wants to bust your ass? Then on the weekends he’s tight with you? No a real club is made up of guys (Notice I said Guys? Chicks belong in the kitchen not in a patch but thats a whole different story) who’ve known each other a very long time. They’ve fought together and bleed together. They sure the hell don’t get patches offline either. Anyways no your ass is going to work for that patch. Going to laugh and cry for that patch, your going to wish you stayed home with miss cunt licking the doo out of her asshole because earning that patch will be a heartache through the Prospect Period. Yes Prospect Period you dumb shit Jax lovers.

That brings me to the main point of the blog today. When you get a club that is dedicated to each other and people have to work for the brotherhood, cops like to say everyone is a criminal. The whole dam club is a mafia on bikes and they do everything they can to entrap and fuck with the members of the club. Why? Because clubs have the rebel image and they all must be doing something according to bow tie pricks that belong to the Federal Government. They take one member of the group and if he is doing some shit they want to lay it all on the club. Rico the dickless wonders call it. Want to set brothers up for hard time because they smoke a little weed or slam a line or two. What the fuck is up with that shit? Brother wants to party and kick back and the dam FBI is all over him. Free country my ass. If you don’t conform to their ideas then they set out for ya.

Look at the shit that went on in Waco. The stupid cunts shot up a whole bar because different clubs were having a meet. It was just a Confederation of Clubs meeting and what? 9 club members or some shit were gunned down because of trigger happy pigs that couldn’t get laid in high school so they killed real men because they had something to prove?  If that wasn’t bad enough them shit stains arrested over a 150 people with no evidence at all they did anything wrong but duck and cover from the cops.

Where was the national outrage over that incident? 9 white bikers get shot up and nothing? 9 negros get killed in South Carolina and now everyone wants to ban the Confederate Flag and every statue in the south remembering the civil war. What kind of crap is that? That’s right White Bikers Lives don’t matter. Cops were so called hero’s in that instance instead of the assholes they are shooting up kids for no reason. Kind of makes you wonder just how screwed up our system is doesn’t it?

Everyone at times bitches because I’m too hard on the faggot cop clubs. Well you learned above just why old scooter tramps think the way they do about those clubs. Personally maybe the Feds should take care of the countries security instead of worrying about some hell raising bikers who work hard for their families. Work hard to get ahead and just want to let loose. Maybe cops instead of trying to be like us they should be true to who they are. Stop trying to wear two faces cause it sure the hell don’t work.

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