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Leo Biker Clubs LOL Fags! Even have a podcast.

Yes it’s that time a week to get the word out on the fags known as LEO Clubs. Or better known as Law Enforcement Clubs. Personally I think they are a bunch of circle jerks playing with the chiefs tally whacker, but hey that’s only my thoughts on them. Boy have we seen an explosion in these wannabee cum guzzlers over the years. Mr Johnny law wants to be on the wrong side of the tracks cause they hope they can finally get a taste of what a pussy is. Guess they getting tired of swallowing on the chief all the time.

Cop clubs remind me of that Eddie Murphy skit in Raw. Whoo Whoo Whoo. Pull Over, Pull Over. So in the course of doing research on these honey buckets I came across a website called LEO BIKER.  It’s quite the funny website giving all the idiots some laughter I guess and also warning the citizens of the world some things never to say to the pig fuckers when then stop you. I really like the mission statement of the website. ” LeoBiker is designed to entertain Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs and Law abiding Bikers. We are not affiliated or emphasize with Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs”. Lol like any self respecting club would hang or invite you fags to a party or hang out. Dumbshits!

If you really want to see which clubs are cops they even provide a great little directory of all the wannabees wearing patches on the site. Some of these clubs have some really cute names. Lets see Alpha dogs lol, Hard Headed (Guess they like to keep each other hard at all times). Iron Spartans (Ok I just wont go there on that one ), Blue Breed and the list of the circle jerks go on. They are so proud of their website it’s a shame I have to rain down on that parade of theirs. No one likes or even has a ounce of respect for them. What it must be like for their ol ladies to have to suck on those little wee wees knowing they are wannabees and can never give them what they really want.

I know I know, it’s hard to be someone you are not and I’m just a big bully according to most of these political correct dick riders. Everyone should feel the freedom of a scooter, it’s a free country I tell you. Yea I know I hear it from these pussy cum bubbles all the time. Yes I agree everyone should enjoy the wind. Yea everyone should know what a brotherhood is all about. But face it these people are the ones who want to play cop and robbers during the week and then turn around and be the people they are trying to bust. I know it’s boring being a cop, it has too be. You ride around in a squad car trying to get everyone to respect you and know it will never happen. You see a brother wearing a 3 piece patch and see a hot looking cunt on the back of the bike and you want that. Yes I can see why you want to be us. I really can. Problem is you want that and you also want to ride around in your little blue suit and screw with everyone. Gives you a set of balls I know. That badge gives you a chance to be someone you were not in high school when everyone was busy whooping on that ass of yours.

I do sometimes feel sorry for all these Leo Clubs. What? Yea I know I said it lol. Here you have individuals who don’t know what they want out of life. Even worse you have individuals who feel that the world has been so screwed up to them they have a right to act the way they want to people. It’s always funny how just a little bit of power can corrupt someone. I remember being in a drinking hole and seeing a couple of these wannabees come in all dressed up acting like a badass. Had their pretty little patches on and started talking shit to some tramps ol lady. Well dumb shits didnt expect the scooter tramp to get up and put the one on his ass. His other buddies right away pulled those badges out shouting they were police officers. I guess they didn’t expect the tramps brothers to proceed to put a thumping on their ass regardless lol.

I have to give the little piggies some advice when they are out there playing Jax from Sons of Anarchy. When you are wearing those colors don’t expect any different kind of treatment for acting an asshole just because your a cop. You choose to fly in our world then expect to be treated like anyone else . Your badges don’t mean anything when you pull them out after acting like you have a pair. Your going to get the same old fashion ass whooping like anyone else would for showing disrespect. By the way it was pretty funny watching those patches being jerked off those idiots. It really made my day. You idiots wonder way everyone can’t stand you anymore.AllCopsArePigs

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