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The new biker Lifestyle- more women owning and riding motorcycles

By James Macecari

So the last ten years has seen a dramatic change in the biker world. No longer confined to the “bitch seat”, women are starting to flex the muscle and becoming more and more apart of the market share for companies such as Harley Davidson, Honda and Suzuki.

Not long ago it is to be a taboo seeing a women riding a bike. Actually if a women was seen riding a motorcycle, first thought was they had to be some kind of lesbian. No self respecting biker would ever allow a women to ride a bike that they owned.

My personal opinion of the matter is something is real damn sexy about a women on a Harley . Or any bike at that. Let’s face it, women who are bikers are a hell of alot more fun to be around then some yuppie. Besides they rock in the bedroom and are freaks when it comes to under the sheets.

But to get back to the subject at hand. Women bikers have more self confidence then most women . They have a better understanding of life, they usually do not have any fantasies about how life really works. Most important, most women who are bikers are truly real. They do not have to fake something they are not.

Women bikers taking more market share

So what do I think the rise of women bikers owing a bike? I think it’s just plain awesome. The feel of the wind and taste of freedom one gets should never be just reserved for us men. Yes I do believe that women have a ways to go in the lifestyle. Most women on bikes know already that it’s a man’s lifestyle. With that lifestyle comes certain rules and expectations. For one most women who own a bike realize that just because they own don’t mean they can go act a fool. Walking into some bar and challenging a man. After all, if you want to act the man’s part, you have to accept the consequences of that part.

One of the biggest things besides women owing a bike that changed how the lifestyle is the fact more and more are now joining mixed clubs. Basically a club that accepts men and women. This is a subject that is still very tense in the biker world. I agree totally with many that a women should never put on a three piece patch . It’s not out of spite that I think this way. It’s because the nature of the beast . A women cannot defend that patch in the face of adversity from other clubs. Plain and simple. I do not and many others do not have any problems with a women wearing a one piece patch. Organizations like BACA who allow women to wear a patch is a prime example. That organization does not claim any territory and has a stated purpose in helping the community.

Acceptance of women owing a bike is still in it’s infancy, being a biker has had so many dos and don’t for so many years that it takes a great amount of time to break taboos. But as time goes on and more and more women come into a lifestyle, it can only be a good thing for it. Besides who doesn’t like watching a hot ass chick straddle a machine that has changed lives since it’s invention?

What’s your thoughts on women owning a motorcycle?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this article! All About Holly is my Facebook page and Instagram dedicated to biker life! I also have a YouTube under the same name for simple bike maintenance. Go girls!!


  2. I am a woman and for me it has nothing to do with trying to prove I that can do what a man can. Its not about that at all. Riding is just just something I’ve always loved since I first sat on a tricycle. There’s always been a bit of a tom-boy in me but I am perfectly content in my femininity and know well my own strengths and weaknesses, and frankly wouldn’t want life any other way. I concur whole-heartedly with you regarding patches. I came into the biker culture during the 70s and am just as comfortable in the bitch seat as I am in the saddle, and for that reason, the way I see it, as women, we’ve got the best of both worlds. 🙂


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