By James Macecari

Ever since 1903, with the advent of the Harley-Davidson, men have giving blood, sweat and tears toward the bike that they own. So what drives a man to give so much loyalty to a machine? Comments from the readers would help explain. So please take the time after reading this post to give your two cents.

For me, I own a 01 Fatboy, over the 25 or more years of riding, I’d had many types of motorcycles. Each one of them held something special for me. I started out on a 1977 Triumph Bonneville. I can still remember the first time picking it up, kick start and still in great condition. As soon as I sat on it and kicked it over I came apart of the machine. At the moment I started riding down the road , it was like a piece of my soul transfused with that bike.

Many talk about the freedom of the wind, that wasn’t so much the experience I had with my first one. Yes the wind comes into play now that I’ve been riding all these years, but what got me hooked was the sound, the shifting up and down through the gears, most important, having to work together with the machine to dance in concert getting down the road.

It was that very first melting together as one with that bike that led me into the lifestyle I still enjoy today. Though the 77 is now long gone, I will be ever thankful for the lessons that machine taught me. The lessons all the bikes that I’ve owned taught me a big thing, loyalty. Yes it wasn’t some brother or even another rider that taught me that. It was every bike that I’ve ever owned. Yea I know , right now your asking , How the hell did a machine teach you loyalty? My simple answer, the machine would always stay loyal too me as long as I stayed loyal to it. The motorcycle would get me too where I needed to be as long as I took care of it. I had to make sure all of it’s maintenance was done, I had to make sure when it broke down I was there to get it fixed. As long as I did that, it would always be there for me.

Now think about it in relationship terms. Can you honestly say that a fellow human would do the same? Would they go out of the way unconditionally without something in return? A motorcycle is like a dog, it will never question your motives as long as you are there for it. It’s there for you when you need to get problems off your mind, it counsels you when you need to just hit the open road. Motorcycles will stand by your side through thick and thin. Humans on the other hand almost always have another motive , 99% of the time will never fully stand by you without something in return.

It’s for these reasons, you will see a man risk everything they have to save his motorcycle. In the biker Lifestyle I’m sure many have seen man give up his ol lady before his motorcycle. If that isn’t telling you why one of the #1 rules in this lifestyle, never sit on another man’s bike, then nothing will ever explain the love a man has for that machine.

If you look at the motorcycle, it don’t matter what make or model, that bike went through many hands to build. Many hearts went into making it, that care and love for creating it translates over to it’s owner. The owner had to put in hard work to buy it, hard work to maintain it, and hard work to build a bond of trust and loyalty with it.

Being a biker is in a whole other class of people. The loyalty of that machine draws like minded people into a lifestyle only the few of society can understand. Bikers work hard everyday and see the world from a prospective only fellow bikers will ever understand. Someone who does not own or ride a motorcycle will never understand what it is to have so much loyalty to a machine, they would give it all up for it.

So let’s here your personal story. What is it about your bike that makes you who you are? What makes you keep riding ? Finally. What would you do if you could no longer ride or be apart of this great Lifestyle?