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Ray “Izod” Lubesky of Iron Legacy Exposed- First of 8 part series

Insane Throttle has spent hundreds of hours following up leads on Ray “Izod” Lubesky the International President of the Iron Legacy M/C. The journey started this past summer when we were giving some information from anonymous sources that greatly disturbed us. Ray Lubesky as we will refer to him from this point out (Because this douchebag doesn’t deserve a nickname in our world) was also the former leader of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and one of its original founding members. This is the man that was in the top leadership position when the murder of a Black Piston happened in Florida.

As we researched this story, we learned that members and officers within the Iron Order M/C were trying to work with other clubs in trying to improve relations. It was agreed by those who were trying to set up communications with other M/C’s that no Jacksonville Chapter of the Iron Order would be opened. We have learned that Ray Lubesky overrode that decision to work with other clubs and decided to put in a Jacksonville Chapter of the Iron Order against every agreement that was made and committed too.

Before I continue on this subject. A distinction will have to be made by the end of all these releases on Ray Lubesky, Now International President of the Iron Legacy. The distinction that has to be made is the Iron Order under Ray Lubesky leadership and the Iron Order of today. The Iron Order of today is a dramatic change from what it was under Ray Lubesky. The Current International President and National Board of the Iron Order have taken the club on a more traditional path of a motorcycle club.

Now, let’s get out exactly who Ray Lubesky is, as you can see from the following email sent out by Ray Lubesky himself ( Names and personal emails from others message were sent to are blacked out for privacy concerns). This email will show you exactly the type of person this man really is. In this email, Ray Lubesky claimed to be a former member of the N Georgia Outlaws, something that we verified was not the case. Ray “Izod” Lubesky has never been a patch holder or probate for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. So our first question and one, members of the Iron Legacy M/C should be asking themselves. Why Did Ray Lubesky tell people, especially his own so-called brothers, that he was a former member of the Outlaws M/C when in fact he was not? This goes to integrity if you’re a boss of a club, and especially an International Motorcycle Club boss, why lie about something like this?

Ray “Izod” Lubesky claiming to be an Outlaw in North Georgia


If my readers would click on this link before going any further. Click Here AOA Forever Chapter. The link you just clicked on is the men who were apart of the Outlaws M/C, some of those pictured on that paged died for their brothers and club. What gives Ray “Izod” Lubesky the right, and the nerve to claim something that he was not? What kind of leader does that?

As I mentioned before earlier in the article, members of the Iron Order Leadership were trying to improve relations with other clubs. Open up the lines of communication between the two. As you can see from this email below sent out by Ray Lubesky, he wasn’t at all happy about it. In the email, he even went as far as gloating about killing a member of the Outlaws a few months before the email was sent out. So here you have the Iron Order trying to do right by communicating with other clubs to avoid problems, then on the other side, you have Ray Lubesky trying to stop all that dead in its tracks. (We will also have stuff on the Mongols shooting as well in upcoming articles that ties Ray Lubesky to that)

Ray “Izod” Lubesky mad about members of Iron Order trying to get along with AOA

This is just the beginning of what Insane Throttle is going to release concerning Ray Lubesky. We have a great deal more on its way, so much so, that we have to do a release once a week for the next 8 weeks. One of the bigger questions that will be coming up as the releases get put out, with all we have gathered so far, Why the hell didn’t Ray Lubesky and his Merry Men in Blue ever get Rico. Yes, folks, that’s exactly how bad the information we have obtained is. Any other major officer for a club would’ve been hauled away for what this guy has done in a leadership position.

Iron Legacy and The Association of Law Abiding Clubs will have a choice to make. Both claim that they are “Law Abiding”, with the information that is coming out concerning Ray Lubesky, the question for them will be for the Association of Law Abiding Clubs. Now if you are a mostly law enforcement organization, have anything to do with this man? For Iron Legacy, the question will be, How can you follow a man that is a proven liar and only seeks power from the members of the club? Are the members of the Iron Legacy ready to stand behind a man that will put your lives at risk for personal gain?

To: Ray “Izod”Lubeski, Insane Throttle will give you a chance to step down from your position as International President. If you have any pride as a man, any respect for your brothers, you will spare them what will be published in the next few weeks starting December 4th. If you choose to do this, we would like to see a public statement on your website stating that you gave up your position within the Iron Legacy, after the statement has been made we will refrain from putting out the other information that we have. If you choose not to step down from your position, we will continue to put information out there in the public realm, the information that was published here is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. The alleged “journalist” who excreted this entertaining yet BS hack piece is an idiot. Sure, Ray “Fishhead” or “Izod” Lubesky is a disturbed scumbag who deserves our contempt, our wrath and ridicule, but not because this terrible writer wants to advance the cause (whatever that may be) of the ever-ludicrous Iron Order. No cops left in Iron Order? He’s not much of an investigative non-journalist. Do a quick search on Facebook of people with “IOMC” as part of their screen name. You’ll quickly and easily find cops.
    Sure, despise a complete scumbag like Fishhead Lubesky, but that doesn’t raise Iron Order in the estimation of anybody with a lick of sense. Insane Throttle is flushing away whatever credibility it may have had.


  2. We here at Insane Throttle would like to thank you for your most “Excellent” review of the total disregard for the truth and our being bought off by Iron Order. We should be ashamed of ourselves for advancing what we have learned during our investigation of Iron Order and that club under Izod. We should as you say disregard any and all leads that point us in the opposite direction of public opinion because it would be safe to do so to satisfy everyone out there with a pre conceived notion of what that club is about. Your right, our journalistic abilities have disappointed our readers and from now on we should only report what the general public wants to hear. By the way,if we reported that you were having sex with your neighbors mule, got caught in the middle of the night with it’s love juice dripping out of your mouth be up to your journalistic standards? Just asking, shit I don’t mind you like the taste of love juice from a mule and all, but could we get the exclusive on that? Ya know, because interest from the general public and all, but have to warn u. They might have preconceived notions about u doing that. Get the hint lap monkey?


  3. Leave it to ace investigative reporter and all-around suck-off artist James “Hollywood” Macecari, the man who broke the “news” that the membership of the new-and-improved Iron Order is now free of all law enforcement (not at all true, you dumbass), to take the high road while also exposing his detailed fantasy for performing equine fellatio. More than one fevered reference to the “love juices” of a mule in your weak and juvenile attempt at a burn was what betrayed it as nothing more than your subconscious hungering for a huge and presumably foul-smelling cock down your throat. It also drops your already pathetic credibility as a tough guy and as a “writer”, though your many grammatical fuckups — especially the repeated use of the word “apart” in place of “a part”, which is actually its complete antonym, you stupid asshole — and your teenage-girlish use of “u” and “r” to save a couple of precious keystrokes, were already dead giveaways that you’re a poorly educated hack with the personality of a dripping syphilis chancre.
    As for your half-assed alleged “investigation” and your flimsy pretense at impartiality, you already weakly tried to blow that load and nobody with more than half a brain (meaning all your intellectual superiors) was swallowing it (I bet Hollywood is mule-sucking-hard by now).
    Your blatantly fawning description of the “new” Iron Order and your attempt to distinguish it from its equally buffoonish carbon copy, the Iron Legacy, as well as your claim the I.O. is now a completely different beast under the post-Fishhead (Izod) regime, already showed you to be an idiot with an agenda. I can just picture your bad biker self now, sitting at a well-used laptop in that cool apartment you set up in your mom’s basement when you moved out on your own at age 30, with your bulbous beer gut hanging out of that new leather vest that bears only an Iron Order bottom rocker and a “prospect” patch, valiantly pounding out a preemptive strike before all your biker buddies find out that you’re now a loud and proud, low-level buttboy for the largest and most ridiculed band of motorcycle nitwits in the world. You think your “investigation” (an activity for which you hold no real qualifications and obviously have no aptitude) makes you the only one who knows something about the Iron Order? You’re an arrogant, smug and smarmy fucktard who can’t write any better than you could successfully deepthroat that mule of your dreams, though you claim bigboy points for trying. But you won’t print this.


  4. I can only guess, based on the context, Fishhead (or Izod, if you prefer) is either talking about his anal vibrator or heated riding gear. Though I really doubt that idiot actually rides much these days. He’s too busy being important as a “world leader”. But I’m sure that electric butt plug has a lot of miles on it.


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