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If you cannot be a man and accept the life and it’s consequences, don’t put on the patch. Rat who thought it was SOA. Charles Dellapenna, III,

Charles Dellapenna, III, Rat who agreed to testify against his former brothers

By James Macecari

Many out there love to ride, there is nothing better than the wind crashing against your face, that feeling of being able to take on the world gets even better when you ride with a pack of brothers. Now, throw a patch on and then that feeling is out of this world. A man joins together as one with the rest of the pack, those 10 or even 20 men become a one well oiled machine, each firing together in unison. A man has to have alot of trust in those others in that pack, if just one man is off, disaster could happen, one who is off his game while riding that bike could bring many down with him.

Most men have that same type of trust in a man who wears the same patch as them. That patch, no matter the club, is earned through blood, sweat and tears. If they belong to a regular club (Not yours Ray Izod Lubeski, Iron Don’t have the best track record in a member having to earn that patch) a member spends months and even years breaking ass trying to earn that clubs trust.

Many on the outside looking in will never get it. A prospect is not there to just be a slave, it’s a process of earning your clubs trust. The shit you go through during prospect is not because the guys want to make you a slave and screw with you because it’s just plain fun. Prospects are put through hell so they not only earn trust, but that hell prepared them to be able to stand up like a man when adversity arises.

When a man finally earns that patch, he earned the trust of those who would stand behind him no matter the risks. In return for that trust, a man has to stand behind that patch no matter what. Let’s all be honest, a club , especially a 3 pc patch club is no cake walk. Things will arise when you are called upon to protect that patch, this moron rat ass-monkey knew that, he knew the risk when putting on that patch.

It really does amaze me when you have these rat ass-monkeys turn on those they called brother. I truly believe the reason why rats are so dispised, they enter into a pack with others who would lay themselves on the line for them without regard to their own safety and freedom, but a rat will stab those people straight in the heart to save their own asses. These people are cowards and have no honor.

Ever since SOA came out, everything has changed in the club scene. All the damn wannabee bikers came out either trying to start clubs, or they joined already existing clubs. These people never had any experience on the streets, they come from a fairy tale world of “I can play badass biker one day, and go to my pathetic real life the next”.

My advice to anyone looking to join a 3 pc club. Make sure that you are 100% behind that lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with joining a 1 or 2 pc club, if your not prepared for the consequences or seriousness of a 3pc, then don’t join. Don’t be someone your not. Keep it real, that’s what makes you a man. Being a man sure the hell isn’t acting like something you not.

Now, this dude cut a deal, he knew from the start what he was getting into. So why turn states evidence when you knew from jump street the risks involved? If you couldn’t take the consequences, stay out of the game, plain and simple. But no, you wanted to play badass and got caught. So what do you do? Turn rat, cause your no man, no brother, your just a spineless piece of human waste. Hey, who knows, you might become someone’s bitch while your locked up, or better yet, might hang yourself because your a worthless coward.

Another man involved in a shoot-out between two biker groups in Warren Township pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Charles Dellapenna, III, pleaded guilty to complicity to involuntary manslaughter, complicity to felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police said Dellapenna is a member of the group called Forever Two Wheelz (FTW), which was involved in a shooting with another biker group at Shorty’s Place in June of 2016.

Police said the two groups got into a fight during a bike run at the bar, leading to the shooting in the parking lot. Two members of the Brothers Regime — Moore and Robert Marto — were killed. Andrew Claypool and Walter Hughes were also hospitalized with injuries following the shooting.

Charges against Dellapenna were reduced as a result of his agreement to testify against the remaining defendant — David Bailes, Jr. — whose trial is scheduled to begin on Monday.

In June, co-defendant James Gardner pleaded guilty to complicity to involuntary manslaughter, complicity to felonious assault and other charges. He also agreed to testify against other members of the group.

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