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As Seen on Youtube : National President Black Dragon of Black Sabbath M/C

Today’s article will focus on Black Dragon- National President of the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club and Author of “The Prospects Bible”. Insane Throttle discovered Black Dragon through his youtube videos, his channel is made up of topics that concern the Motorcycle Club world. Some of the topics he has spoken on include “My Answer to the Iron Order”, “Motorcycle Club Hang Around Period”, “How to act in a motorcycle club’s clubhouse” and the list goes on.

Black Dragon’s youtube channel is .The Description on the channel is as follows. Black Dragon National President is a YouTube motovlogger who is passionate about MC Protocol for 99%ers and weight loss!Tune in daily to learn about product reviews, motorcycle safety, MC history, MC lifestyle, MC culture, MC traditions, MC protocol and officer training. And Get SKINNY!

Black Dragon_ Navy Veteran and National President of Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club

As I went through the different videos that Black Dragon has put together, I found someone who was very knowledgeable about what is going on out there in the M/C world, I also found someone that was very personable and passionate about teaching the subjects that he chose to speak about. A little about the club that Black Dragon is the National President is apart of. This is from the Black Sabbaths Website.

“The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club, a LAW ABIDING, not-for-profit organization, conceived in 1972 and established in 1974, on the South East side of San Diego California in the Mt. Hope neighborhood at 4280 Market Street. Our mission then wasn’t very complicated, we were just group of seven African American men, who rode our bikes mostly on Sundays and were similarly possessed with an insatiable appetite for custom building “Choppers” and race-bikes; to impress the ladies and civilians, and to compete against all comers great and small. When our wives got tired of us meeting in our garages on Sundays and began complaining out us making noise in the neighborhoods – we realized it was time to form a motorcycle club and get ourselves a clubhouse. The Black Sabbath San Diego MC clubhouse is the longest standing clubhouse in San Diego – 40+ Years and STILL STRONG!! ”

As I was reviewing the videos, I started to find myself binge-watching all the material Black Dragon was putting out. I found someone who actually knew what he was talking about, we all know from experience that many out there have no idea what the hell they are talking about. The biggest thing that caught my attention was the fact that Black Dragon had so much respect for M/C history. The Black Sabbath M/C is a 99%er club, but the respect that Black Dragon shows to the 1%ers and their traditions in his videos are undeniable. The fact that he shows that kind of respect, is probably the biggest reason why his Youtube channel is so successful.

Black Dragon is the head of a multiracial motorcycle club, something that in the M/C world is few and far between but something that the M/C world should really start to embrace. Black Dragon talks about what it is like to be in a multi-racial club in his video ” Mixed Raced Motorcycle Club”. In that video, he talks about the politics of what it is like being in a mixed-race club and how to get around situations that could be detrimental to the brotherhood. If you truly look at mixed-race clubs, and the issues and challenges that they face, most traditional clubs have it pretty easy. Think about it for a second, you have a club with all kinds of different races, cultural beliefs, and religious beliefs and you have to mold all those components into one cohesive unit which has to be one of the hardest things to do in the world, lets be honest, ordinary citizens can’t even do that here in America without killing each other. Then add in that most clubs still to this day still segregate themselves into racial groups.

I have made an incredible journey throughout the M/C world in the last 25 years, I have seen many things, but the one thing that has been a constant is the fact, or my personal experience has been, mixed race clubs are more tight, more inclined to keep their brothers back (Now I’m not saying all clubs don’t do that) because of the adversity that they had to face together. For instance, I was apart of a club that wouldn’t let a black through the clubhouse door, so that put that mixed race club on the spot. Do they attend the function and have shit start? Or do they send white or Latino reps? Or just say screw it all together? 10 times out of 10 those clubs said: “Screw you, if our brothers can’t come in, then we won’t come”. That right there is the stand-up thing to do. That demands respect in my eyes, they didn’t leave a brother behind, something some clubs out there could learn from.

After watching the many videos, (actually watching one right now as I write this piece) they are solid in the material he presents, the videos are down to earth and educational to those who are thinking about joining an M/C. If your a hang around or prospect, the basic tips that Black Dragon gives ya, could save you a dotted eye, especially if you are in a 1%er club.

As I close out this piece, I cannot believe how far the M/C world has finally started to evolve. Race when it comes to brotherhood has no bearing, after all, we all bleed red. Ask yourself, does it matter what color a potential brother is if your ass is in a big jam? Are you really going to care if a kat is black, brown, white if your ass is getting jumped in a bar? I can bet that answer is a resounding no if you’re being honest with yourself. So if you haven’t already, head over to Black Dragons YouTube channel and give him a listen, you will find yourself binge watching as we have. From Insane Throttle to Black Dragon: You’re doing a hell of a job and service to the m/c community, keep it up and we hope to see you get that drone you were talking about.

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